News & Notices

Brooklyn Officer Engelhart provides a “Safety Talk” with children at the “Heart of Brooklyn” daycare

June 6, 2017

Chief Barger briefing with local junior police patrols

June 6, 2017

Brooklyn Summer Reading Program – Dane County Library Service

June 5, 2017

BUILD A BETTER WORLD Readers of all ages are invited to join. Register starting the second week of June and complete your reading record by the last week in August. Youth Summer Reading Program. Children 15 and under, may set their own reading goals (suggested goal: ten books or ten hours). The Summer Reading Program […]

Summer Youth Recreation – Starts June 26th

May 31, 2017

Registration Forms available online at Summer Youth Recreation

Statement from Village Board Regarding 4th of July Fireworks

May 23, 2017

Brooklyn Fireworks was a tradition that was stopped in 2016 due to lack of volunteers and funds. Since then residents and businesses in the community have inquired if it will return. While it will not return under the Village’s leadership, we are looking for a group(s) or other entities that would lead the revival of […]

Please remember to keep your lawns & weeds mowed.

May 16, 2017

According to Village Ordinances 24.56 regarding noxious weeds and/or 24.57 regarding the length of lawn. It is declared in said ordinances that “every person shall destroy all noxious weeds on all lands which he/she shall own, occupy or control in the Village” (24.56), and “lawns on lots or parcels of land which exceed six (6) […]