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Selected Village Minutes
Apr 20, 2010
PDF Version: 2010-Apr-20-VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN.pdf

Special Reorganizational Meeting
APRIL 20, 2010
The Village Boardmeeting was called to order by President Walsten on April 20, 2010 at 6:35 pm. Trustees present
were Mark Bruner, Tim Belter, David Natzke, Steve Lust, Dean Van Den Eng. Others present were Clerk Strause, PW
Director Anderson. Trustee Klahn was absent.
Oaths of Office were given by PresidentWalsten to Trustees Mark Bruner, Steve Lust, Dean Van Den Eng beginning
their two year term.
Committee appointments for 2010-2011 were presented by President Walsten. Recreation Committee is in need of a
Trusteemember. Previously Helen McCord was the Trustee member. Last April, the committee requested their
membership be increased to nine members. This was not finalized by the Board. The ordinance calls for seven
members including one Trustee. With McCord staying on the committee, there are seven members without a Trustee.
McCord told Clerk Strause she would remove herself from the committee until the nine member request was
approved. Board of Review still is in need of an alternate citizen member. Zoning Board of Appeals is in need of five
citizen members. July 4th committee will be taken over by the Recreation Committee. LyleWanless is added to the
Bluegrass Ad Hoc committee. Economic Development Committee will add Hubert Baumer as amembers.
Trustee Bruner requested to remain on the PublicWorks Committee as he has been on the Village Board for five years
and Public Works Committee chair for the last two years with no one else except for Trustee Klahn who knows more
about the committee then he does. He has been involved with formulating many plans through the last few years with
the wastewater treatment plant construction. President Walsten stated the rationale for replacing Bruner on the
Personnel and PublicWorks Committees is a result of what has transpired the last four months regarding performance
issues related to the PWDirector Anderson creating a great deal of division. Walsten further stated that performance
issues were initially brought to her attention because of her position as Village President. Decisions by the Board were
made at the December Board meeting regarding the performance issues. However, the article from the Oregon
Observer printed on 12/31/09 was discussed at the January Board meeting when it was felt Trustee Bruner was not
impartial on the performance issues regarding Anderson. Walsten stated for this reason Bruner has been removed
from the decision making for personnel and Anderson’s performance plan. The Village needs to represent residents
and build integrity. Decisions made need to be open records, transparent, so we can hold up our heads as to who we
are and support the decisions that we made. We have spent an unbelievable amount of time trying to expand our
reputation for economic development. Will this further Brooklyn’s reputation, will it improve?
Trustee Natzke stated there is a lot of responsibility serving on the PW Committee. Having two new members on the
committee (Natzke, Lust) would not serve the public very well. Natzke requested his name be withdrawn from the
committee so that Bruner’s name could be added.
Trustee Bruner stated the performance issues are to be handled by the Personnel Committee not PublicWorks. Public
Works Committee maintains the day to day infrastructure. Bruner continued, if people have a legitimate complaint,
they should come to the Village Board. Perceived impartiality has nothing to do with the day to day maintenance of
Public Works. That is why I believe I should continue to be on the PWcommittee. At the January meeting, the Board
decided Bruner was not to be on the personnel ad hoc committee. The ad hoc committee was to create a
performance plan for Anderson. The committee is now dissolved as two members are no longer on the Board. The
performance improvement plan is left in limbo at this time. Trustee Natzke offered to be on special ad hoc personnel
committee if it is reinstated. Walsten stated the Personnel Committee will have the expertise to put together the
performance improvement plan. Trustee Van Den Eng stated he wants to leave the emotion out and focus on the
personnel issues. Further stating, Van Den Eng believes the Board would be remiss if we didn’t take advantage of
Bruner’s knowledge of Public Works. The Personnel Committee will look at management and professional conduct.
Public Works will deal with existing property, buildings, land, parks, and operation of those facilities. Trustee Van Den
Eng moved, second Belter, carried to honor Natzke’s request to be removed from the PW Committee. Trustee Van
Den Eng moved, second Natzke, carried to accept Bruner’s appointment to the PW Committee.
Trustee Belter moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to approve appointments to the 2010-2011 Committees.
Walsten reported on the statewide campaign “Parents who host, lose the most” as presented to the recreation
committee. Signs need to be placed in yards and not in the terrace. The Recreation committee wants the Board
approval to support this alcohol education campaign which is sponsored by the Oregon School district. Trustee Van
Den Eng moved, second Bruner, carried to support the Recreation Committee’s proposal.
EDC met with property owners that are interested in having an agreement with the Village to sell part or all of a parcel
of land 100 acres total on the east side of the Village. Walsten met with Strand this morning to look at the property.
For $3,000, Strand would do a site evaluation for infrastructure for a possible business park showing how the initial
phases would be laid out and what costs would be involved. Money would come from the EDC budget. Cost may be
less than $3,000, and the property owner indicated they would split the cost. Trustee Bruner moved, second Lust,
carried to approve hiring Strand not to exceed $3,000 for the above project with the cost split with the property owner
for a site evaluation plan. Walsten stated Maly from Vierbicher felt it would cost $500 to crunch the numbers after
Strand is done with their report. The Board will wait until Strand is done before approving Vierbicher doing any more
work with the plan.
Trustee Bruner requested everybody be five minutes early so that meetings can start on time. Bruner moved, second
Belter, carried to adjourn at 7:40 p.m.
Carol A. Strause,

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