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Selected Village Minutes
Jan 11, 2010
PDF Version: 2010-Jan-11-VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN.pdf

JANUARY 11, 2010
The Village Board meeting was called to order by President Nadine Walsten on January 11, 2010, at
6:35 p.m. in the lower level of the Brooklyn Community Building. Trustees present: Todd Klahn,
Helen McCord,Mark Bruner, Tim Belter, and Wendy Layton. Trustee Irvin-Vitela arrived at 7:49 pm.
Others present: Carol Strause, Clerk, Public Works Director, Bob Anderson, Police Chief Harry Barger,
David Natzke, Chelsea Leachman, Steven Lust, Dean Swensen, Michael Christopher, Traci Schaefer.
There were no public comments/questions offered.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Layton, carried to approve the minutes of 12/14/09 as written. Trustee
Bruner abstained as he was absent for the first part of the 12/14 meeting.
Chelsea Leachman, Director of the Oregon Youth Center, presented the Board with information on the
center. At budget time, the Village’s contribution of $3800 was questioned. Programs are for 5-8th
grades of the Oregon School District. Leachman reported she is implementing a healthy eating regimen
free of charge for after school snacks. January schedule was presented. Funding comes from the
Villages of Oregon and Brooklyn and Towns of Oregon, Dunn, and Rutland. There are currently 16
youth registered from the Village. The YWCA is the fiscal agent and handles the finances, payroll, and
administration. There is no affiliation with the local school district. There is one other staff member,
who is partially funded through a Federal program, working full time at the center. Summertime could
see a mobile program using the Village area for programs. Brooklyn’s recreation program would like to
target the 11-14 age group for a summer program and Chelsea may be able to help coordinate this
program for summer.
President Walsten stated the 2010 Census is up and running. Complete count committee would be
educating and encouraging all residents to return their census forms. Walsten will meet with Clerk
Strause to determine what may be needed to assist the local program. Community volunteers may be
Clerk Strause reported on the candidates that have filed nomination papers by Jan 5, 2010 for the three
trustee positions. Ballot drawing was held on Friday, Jan 8 with names to be listed on the April 6th
ballot as follows: 1-Steven Lust, 2-Mark Bruner, 3-Dean Van Den Eng. Tax collection through
12/31/09 amounted to 41.4% for Dane County and 39% for Green County for a total of $877,662.86
collected. Tax settlement this week to the State, Dane and Green Counties, Oregon School District, and
MATC will be in the amount of $621,511.63.
Walsten gave an update on the drainage resolution effort for Hwy 14/92 area. An email from DOT
reports thatMontgomery Assoc was previously retained by DOT to do a watershed study and determine
drainage problems of the entire area. Temporarymonitoring wells were installed. A study will be put
together after data has been collected.
Consent agenda: Motion by Trustee Bruner, second Layton, carried to approve the consent agenda and
pay bills for the month totaling $678,562.54.
NEWBUSINESS-Letter of Intent to join Dane County interoperable emergency communications
radio system was to be returned by Jan 15 but now has been extended to Feb 1st. New system would
allow all radios throughout the county to communicate with each other; however, it turns out that the
proposal that has been put forth by the county executive has met with a lot of resistance. Only two
communities have signed Letters of Intent: Village of Shorewood and City of Fitchburg. City of
Madison opposes the system along with all Dane County townships and all other communities that have
not yet signed on. Negotiations are centering on splitting the cost of a new system. Dane County Cities
and Village’s Association will be meeting on Wed at 5:30 in Stoughton and will be putting together their
proposal to go to the Dane County Executive hoping to negotiate a settlement more equitable than is
currently proposed. The Resolution proposed by DCCVA would give the Village President the
authority to sign a proposal if the DCCVA is successful in negotiating a contract. Walsten read the
Resolution. Chief Barger recommended doing nothing at this time as there is not enough information.
Costs for the project are proposed to be split between the 61 communities in the County. If there is no
response by the deadline, the County will assume the Village does not wish to proceed to construct an
interoperable radio system. Trustee Klahn moved, second Belter, carried that the Village 1)send a letter
stating the Village is interested but the proposed cost of maintenance and overall cost is too high for our
Village; we will not move forward until we have adequate information as we are interested in the
concept but not the structure of the proposal and 2)the local Emergency Response Team (Fire Chief
Mortensen, Police Chief Barger, Evelyn Hall, EMS Director, Public Works Director Bob Anderson, and
Nadine Walsten, Village President) should meet to discuss the issue, gather more information and make
a recommendation to the Board.
REPORTS-Public Works: Strand Engineering will be here on Thurs to review the punch list at the
WWTP with some items yet to be completed on the construction project. Trustee Klahn moved, second
Bruner, carried to approve C.D.Smith’s change order #2 for a deduct of $3445. The total construction
project is now at $3,768,239.
Planning and Zoningwill meet on the fourth Monday of this month. Ordinance Committee will be
meeting later this month.
Safety Committee: Trustee Layton moved, second Klahn, carried to approve Chief Barger joining
Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and Dane County Narcotics and Gang Task
Force. Trustee McCord, second Klahn, carried to approve Chief Barger joining Dane County Incident
Management Team and Dane County Emergency Preparedness Council. Trustee McCord moved,
second Klahn, carried to approve the Permanent Part Time Police Officer job description. Trustee
McCordmoved, second Bruner, carried to approve the Police Secretary I job description. Secretary
Hardy has reviewed the job description and also approves of the wording. Chief Barger handed out the
monthly statistics report. Barger is working on officer performance evaluations and an equipment
inventory system. Dane County is not satisfied with the current records management system, New
World. Some departments in the county are already withdrawing from the New World system. Current
hiring process is proceeding for a permanent part time officer. The new parking ticket identifies local
ordinances with proper wording and court date. A news release will go on the Village’s website
announcing Chief Barger joining the WI Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.
Fire/EMS met on 12/16. The next meeting will be in April. Town of Brooklyn voted not to participate
in the emergency trailer that was on display last fall. Personnel: no report. EDC-President Walsten
moved, second Belter, carried to approve the appointment of Jared Holthe, D.C., to the committee.
Recreation:-Committee is looking for members. Two movies are left to show in Feb and March. Get Fit
Brooklyn, started last Thurs night and was very successful with a good turn out. Committee will be
meeting this Wed night. Bluegrass Committee has been meeting and finalizing the band line up.
Additional members are needed. July 4th , recycling, and website committees did not meet.
Finance: Trustee Belter reported on collateral coverage in Dec at $1.1 million with current coverage at
$1.6 million to cover tax collections. Belter requested a wish list of wants and needs be put together to
update the five year capital projects plan. Hwy 92 debt will be paid off in 2012 freeing up $78,410 debt.
It is possible that other projects then could be done. Committee will be working on a bidding policy and
will present a draft to the Board next month
President requested a motion to convene to closed session. Trustee Bruner asked why the personnel
issue is being revisited. Walsten stated she expects the Board to discuss and handle the issue in the same
way it was handled with the previous clerk and that has not happened. At the 12/14 meeting, the
Village’s attorney told the Board they could not deliberate or discuss the issue and needed to come to an
agreement. Walsten stated Board members are unfamiliar with the document she put together and a
number of things need to be discussed and resolved. The article in the Oregon newspaper has brought
up new information that needs to be revisited. The article was dated before the Personnel Committee
had met to draft an action plan thereby suggesting the Committee is not impartial. Walsten stated the
Board has a right to finish the discussion on this discipline matter and to protect itself. This closed
session is an opportunity for the Board to actually finish what it didn’t do on 12/10 and 12/14th.
Attorney Christopher stated the Board has three options: 1)stay in open session, 2)convene to closed
session, 3) have a closed meeting and have Bob participate at times or anyone else the Board chooses.
Trustee Irvin-Vitela arrived at 7:49 pm. At 7:55 pm, Trustee Klahn moved, second Layton, to convene
to closed session pursuant to Wis Stats l9.85 (1)(b) considering discipline of Robert M. Anderson.
Voting as follows: AYE: Klahn, Walsten, Layton, Belter, Irvin-Vitela. NAY: McCord, Bruner. Motion
carried. Board will reconvene to open session at approximately 9:20 pm..
At 11:20 pm, Trustee Irvin-Vitela moved, second Layton, carried to reconvene to open session.
There was no motion to reconsider from the 12-14-09 meeting: 1) verbal reprimand for Robert
Anderson; 2)Personnel Committee to create action plan for Robert Anderson.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Irvin-Vitela, unanimously carried for a substitute motion to create an Ad
Hoc Personnel Committee comprising of Trustees Klahn, Layton, and McCord to develop and supervise
a more detailed action plan for Robert Anderson.
Trustee Bruner moved, second Layton, carried to adjourn at 11:30 pm
Carol A. Strause,

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