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Selected Village Minutes
Jul 12, 2010
PDF Version: 2010-Jul-12-VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN.pdf

Village President, Nadine Walsten, called the Board meeting to order on July 12, 2010 at 6:31 p.m. Trustees
Steve Lust, Mark Bruner, David Natzke, Tim Belter, Dean Van Den Eng were present. Trustee Klahn arrived at
6:36 pm. Others present were Clerk Strause, PWDirector Anderson, Police Chief Barger, Steve Eager, Diana
Sims, Wade Engelhart, and Luis Herrera.
There were no public comments offered. Walsten stated she was asked by a resident if she was aware that
sewer rates were forcing people to move out of the Village, in particular renters who are less likely to
tolerate increases.
Trustee Bruner moved, second Van Den Eng to approve the minutes from June 14, 2010 with the correction
of adding the words "congressional districts" under the Clerk's report of 435 House of Representatives.
Trustee Van Den Eng moved, second Bruner to approve the minutes from 7-7-10. Belter abstained.
President Walsten gave the Oath of Office to the Village’s permanent part-time police officer, Wade
Engelhart. Wade has been working here part time since 2003. Wade's status changed in Jan 2010 to
permanent part-time. Trustee Klahn arrived.
PRESIDENT’S REPORT: State Statute AB 260 passed and this prohibits a municipality from denying approval
of land division in its Extra-territorial Zoning district on the basis of concerns over the proposed use of the
land. There will not be the same control over land in the ETZ that we had before. The State Supreme Court
handed down a ruling on the Mazomanie vs. CARPC suit which stated that the DNR must review the denial by
CARPC, raising the question of who has the final decision on requests for Urban Service Area extensions by
municipalities. It is unclear if we ask for an urban service expansion, what the outcome would be. The
recession is moving from individuals and the private sector and is now hitting municipalities. TheWisconsin
State Journal reported 2011-2013 shortfall for the State will be at $2.5 billion. It is anticipated shared
revenue will be cut again. The statewide smoking ban law became effective 7/5/10 which requires all
establishments to be smoke free. Walsten stated she will trial holding office hours at the Village Hall the 2nd
and 4th Wednesdays of each month 1:30—3:30 pm and 6:30—7:30 pm to provide greater access for
residents who wish to discuss local governmental issues.
President Walsten presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Luis Herrera for translating the Community
Center policy into Spanish. This was a great service to the community and Luis was thanked for his service.
CLERK’S REPORT: E-Cycle Wisconsin brochures were in Board packets as a reminder that as of Sept 1, 2010,
it is illegal to landfill or incinerate electronics such as computers, monitors, TV and other video display
devices, fax machines, DVD and VCR players, printers, and cell phones. Manufacturers will be responsible for
collecting and recycling these electronics from households and schools. Harmful materials, in electronics,
including lead,mercury, cadmium, other heavy metals and chemical flame retardants can leach into the
environment where they may affect human and environmental health. Next Electronics Round Up recycling
collection will be in Oregon in Oct. sponsored jointly by the Village of Brooklyn and Oregon Rotary Club.
Upon request by the Village Board, Steve Eager, Senior Vice President of Union Bank & Trust, was present to
discuss the lack of proper collateral coverage as of 12/31/09 as stated in the 2009 audit report. In response
to this lack of coverage, Eager stated "there is a simple answer –it was a mistake on my part by having only
$200,000 rather than $500,000 of extra collateral coverage". On January 12, 2010 total collateral was at
$700,000. The ramification would be if the bank failed, the Village would lose $383,000 as stated in the audit
report because it was uncollateralized. UBT has a high bank rating so that chance was very low. Eager was
asked how to prevent this from happening again. Eager reported that all documents for increases or
decrease in collateral pledged go through Bankers Bank. A third party may be needed to communicate the
change. Eager was also asked how Trustees should respond if residents ask why the Village does banking
with UBT. Eager stated "timing was unfortunate because it was year end even though it is no less severe".
UBT's history of what they have done on the Village’s behalf is evident on deposits, paying above market
rates on deposited funds and paying over the percentage rate of the State Investment Pool. Eager continued
they loan out to the local community and have purchased bonds from the Village issued over the years. They
have also actively participated in bidding loan requests. Eager further stated "the Village is an important
customer". Asked why there is a need to change collateral, ideally less frequent, Eager reported that UBT
manages their funds using municipal deposits in their portfolio. When asked, Eager reported he did not
become aware of the lack of collateral until Clerk Strause called him. Email from Eager to the Clerk on Dec
23 stated there was proper collateral. Bankers Bank can generate collateral reports more frequently not just
when there is an increase or decrease. Tax deposits increase the need to add collateral more frequently
from Dec to March. Eager stated the bank could create a cushion for collateral but he was unprepared to
guaranty that right now.
Request by UB&T to release $400,000 collateral currently held by FHLB $200,000, Buffalo Grove, IL,
$100,000, Cook County, IL $100,000 was presented. Review by the finance committee recommended
denying the request. Trustee Belter stated because of tax deposits arriving in August, the Village should not
release these funds right now creating a cushion. Trustee Belter moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to
deny release of $400,000 of collateral. FDIC has $250,000 and the State $400,000 of insurance. Finance
committee will look at other options for secondary deposits.
At 7:18 p.m., Trustee Klahn moved, second Bruner to convene to closed session pursuant toWis Stats 19.85
(1)(b) for reconsideration of a denied renewal operator license application for Diana L. Sims (requested to
be in closed session by applicant). Voice vote: AYE: Klahn, Lust, Bruner, Walsten, Natzke, Belter, Van Den
Eng. NAY: none. Motion carried. Board will reconvene to open session in approximately 15 minutes.
Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn to reconvene to open session at 8:10 p.m.
Trustee Belter moved, second Klahn, carried that the denied operator license renewal stands for Diana L.
Sims. Trustee Bruner abstained. President Walsten informed applicant Sims the decision was very difficult,
however, the Board agreed the purpose of licensure is to protect the public and therefore, the decision to
deny the license renewal remained.
At 8:15 p.m., Trustee Van Den Eng moved, second Klahn to convene to closed session pursuant to Wis Stats
19.85 (1)(c) to discuss the performance improvement plan for Bob Anderson, Director of PublicWorks.
Voice Vote: AYE: Klahn, Lust, Bruner, Walsten, Natzke, Belter, Van Den Eng. NAY: none. Motion carried.
The Board will reconvene in approximately 15 minutes. Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to
reconvene to open session at 8:57 p.m.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Bruner, carried to accept the performance improvement plan for Bob
Anderson as presented by the Personnel Committee removing item # 6 on the first page and authorizing the
Personnel Committee to implement the Performance Improvement Plan.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Bruner, carried to postpone until the next meeting discussion on the balance
of funds in the 2007 BAN.
Trustee Bruner moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to approve Consent Agenda items as follows: Payment
of July 2010 invoices totaling $33,304.25; Resolution 2010-11 transferring funds from Chase Bank-Sewer
Connection Fund to pay for balance of WWTP contract in the amount of $77,200 as needed; Ordinance
Chapter 32.16 for Participation in the Non-moving Traffic Violations and Registration Program of the
Wisconsin DOT.
New Business: Trustee Bruner moved, second Lust, carried to approve Resolution 2010-12 for Borrowing up
to $180,000 from Brooklyn Community Bank for the Hotel/Kerch Street storm water project with
prepayment privileges changed to "at any time".
REPORTS: PublicWorks-Director Anderson stated the WWTP is still not closed out. A meeting was held last
Friday with the engineer and contractors. Lien waivers are not back yet. Electrical contractor's work is not
complete and some painting is left to be done. The project is very close to completion. Penalties could be
assessed for incomplete work. Trustee Bruner moved, second Lust, carried to authorize Strand Engineering
to write a letter indicating the Village will proceed with penalties because of incomplete work. Contractor
will be here on Thursday to begin the Hotel/Kerch Street project. Anderson stated he will be gone but the
engineer will be on site. There is no time schedule yet for the curb and gutter replacement on N. Rutland.
Fire and EMS purchased a new set of bleachers for Legion Park in appreciation for use of the park on Labor
Day weekends. Cost of the bleachers is about $2,000. Ball park lighting was postponed until the Aug
meeting. Anderson will be attending a Wisconsin Rural Water meeting on July 13th in Plover. Emergency
generator discussion was postponed until the August meeting. Seven seasonal lawn meters were prepared
for rental. There are three left to be rented out. Meters are tested before being used for lawn meters. All
residents requesting a meter have been called. No additional meters will need to be created until demand
warrants more.
Planning and Zoning-Trustee Natzke moved, second Klahn, carried to postpone until the next meeting
approval of Ordinance Chapter 43, Sign Code as recommended by the PZ Commission until Trustees have
had more time to read the chapter. Ordinance committee will be meeting on July 19th.
Safety-Chief Barger presented the monthly reports. Barger stated he needs $150 to start up the parking
citation follow up and registration suspension program with DOT. Klahn moved, second Natzke, carried to
take $150 out of the training fund temporarily until funds come back from $10 administration fees from the
program. Of the $10 charge, $5 is sent to DOT for processing. Chief Barger will be working on protocol for
handling junk vehicles (not registered, not operable) to be reviewed by the committee. Time sheets are
being changed to chart how hours are spent.
Fire-EMS-No report. Personnel-Discussed previous in meeting. EDC-Will be meeting Thursday. Bluegrass-
President Walsten handed out the 2010 financial report showing a loss of $5375. Some pledges have yet to
be received; more bills may come in. There are two reports due on the Bluegrass festival to the Wis Arts
Board and Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission. Publicity was better than ever but still not a significant
enough attendance to make a substantial profit. The committee will meet on July 20th to debrief the Festival
and review the revenue/expense sheet with recommendations to follow. Trustee Bruner stated this is an
$8,000 cost to taxpayers including the $2500 budget commitment. Walsten commented this is the first year
we have had a 3 day festival; that other festivals have noted a decreased attendance related to the
economy; and the purpose of the festival is to promote Brooklyn as a community, not just bluegrass music.
July 4th- Legion Park was full for the fireworks display. Some fireworks did not go very high because of the
humidity and it was slower than usual trying to get fuses to light. Many residents from outside the Village
attended. Website-Missing content has been identified and is being updated. Another meeting will be held
Finance-Budget worksheets are out to department heads. The relationship between Depot Days and the
Village was discussed to clarify the financial responsibilities/agreement between the two entities. President
Walsten met with Lavorn Dvorak regarding Depot Days and the relationship between the Chamber and the
Village. Lavorn indicated Depot Days is independent from the Chamber and there is a separate bank account
for Depot Days. Depot Days purchases it own liability insurance and all money earned (minus expenses) goes
into the account to fund the next years’ event. Discussion centered on the changes that have occurred. In
the past when Depot Days had a relationship with the Village, there was no charge for the Community
Building to be used. However, with the revision of the Community Building’s rental policies, this event no
longer meets the criteria and rental fees as established need to be paid. The other issue discussed was
whose responsibility it is when the terrace is torn up when the speeder cars are loaded and unloaded onto
the railroad tracks. LaVorn pointed out Depot Days cleans up this area, reseeds and repairs—that it is not a
Public Works responsibility, nor has Public Works repaired the terrace. The Board agrees that expenses of
this nature should be handled by Depot Days. LaVorn also identified the extra rail requested by the speeder
car group to be installed to prevent future damage to the terrace is an issue to be decided by those that own
the line, the Oregon/Fitchburg communities, not the Village. Bruner reminded the Board, Depot Days should
come before the Board for approval and a copy of the liability insurance needs to be given to the Village
before the event.
Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to adjourn at 9:40 pm.
Carol A. Strause,

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