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Selected Village Minutes
Jun 14, 2010
PDF Version: 2010-Jun-14-VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN.pdf

June 14, 2010
The Village Board meeting was called to order by President Walsten on June 14, 2010 at 6:31 pm. Trustees
present were Todd Klahn, Mark Bruner, Tim Belter, David Natzke, Steve Lust, Dean Van Den Eng. Others
present were Clerk Strause, PW Director Anderson, Chief Barger, Tara Bast.
No public comments were offered.
Trustee Bruner moved, second Natzke, carried to approve the May 10, 2010 minutes. Trustee Bruner moved,
second Klahn, carried to approve the June 1, 2010 minutes adding Trustee Bruner as being present. Trustee Natzke
President Walsten gave the Oath of Office to Chief Barger on his first year anniversary. Officer Engelhart will
be given the oath at the July meeting. President Walsten thanked everyone for the support from community,
church, friends, and family, during her recent accident. Emergency Preparedness Committee will meet on June
29th, rotating meeting times between afternoon and nights to accommodate members working days and to avoid
Clerk Strause gave an update on the 2010 Census. Final data will not be released until April 2011. American
Community Survey was responsible for sending out the long form for the Census. At random, some residents in
each community received the long form and would have also received the short form which has created some
confusion. Both forms are required by law to be returned. Census workers are doing non-response follow up
through July 2010. Based on the census data collected, Federal dollars received by each community amount to
about $1200 per capita. Maps will be delivered to each community in PDF format as there will not be much paper
released through the end of the data collection. After Census data is collected, the reapportionment will begin.
There are currently 435 members in the House of Representatives divided by the 50 states. Some states will gain,
others will lose representation during the reapportionment.
Tara Bast, auditor for Johnson Block and Co., presented the Board with the 2009 audit report. Total net assets
increased by $1388 for the year. Balance sheet is on a modified accrual basis showing the major funds. There was
negative unrestricted cash for the sewer fund at year end. Overall the net change in fund balance for total
governmental funds is ($5,175). Management letter comments were reviewed including internal accounting
controls, sewer utility operating loss, uncollateralized bank deposits, sewer debt coverage ratio, future accounting
standards, and fund definition changes. Tara will research what other communities are using for benchmarks for
growth factors on bond issues as requested by President Walsten.
Strause reported on a scholarship award of $419 received by Deputy Brewer from Workhorse Software to
attend UW Green Bay Clerk’s Institute in July. This will be Brewer’s third year of attendance with one year
remaining toward certification. Green County Housing Partnership is offering Rent Smart training starting June
28. Each participant will receive $200 paid to their landlord if they successfully complete the training. A Home
Buyers training will be held August 7th. There are still EAP funds available for damage from the 2008 flooding.
Unfinished Business: Anderson reported there are five lawn meters put together. By the end of the week there
will be ten ready to go and more next week. Fittings are threaded and meter is in a crate to protect it from damage.
Once delivered to the Clerk's Office, property owners can reserve one to use.
Village historian job description was submitted by President Walsten Line items were reviewed with item #8
adding “as appropriate” at the end. This is a volunteer position laying the foundation for information collection.
Sharon George has worked many years on gathering historical data and has an incredible collection of documents.
Trustee Bruner questioned if there would be a historian beyond Sharon and if the job description was generic
enough to cover everything. Sharon has done a tremendous amount of work on this. A successor will ultimately
have to have access to the records which will need to be indexed. Trustee Belter stated this volunteer position
needs some oversight, who does this person report to, what is the Village's liability for the documents, who owns
the data, are we responsible for housing and protecting? Should there be term limits with appointment annually?
Walsten stated ideally there would be a chartered Historical Society that would be in charge of procuring,
indexing, and preserving all material collected and housed separately. Bruner asked if the description of services is
separate from position description. Trustee Klahn stated there needs to be more steps to keep the process going
with more clarification related to what needs to be done. Trustees Van Den Eng and Lust stated Sharon George
deserves some recognition for working behind the scenes for many years collecting data. Trustee Van Den Eng
moved, second Lust, carried to approve the volunteer job description for Historian as corrected. Trustee Belter
voted NAY. When needed, policy and procedures will be adopted for collection and protection of data.
Consent agenda: Items #1 and #4, and operator license renewal application for Diana Sims were removed from
the consent agenda. Trustee Van Den Eng moved, second Klahn, carried to approve items #2 and #3 as follows:
Stanley R. Slater, dba Kounty Korners, 108 Hotel Street
Arlene Elmer, dba Anchor Club, 112 Hotel Street
Brooklyn Mini Mart, LLC, Nissin Rodriguez, agent, 355 N Rutland Ave
Brooklyn Family Restaurant, LLC, Agron Bekteshi, agent, 233 Douglas Dr.
OPERATOR LICENSE RENEWALS: Tara Meyer Sarah Michaelis Dani Maher Linda Dybala Joel Hardy
Jerald Elmer Cyndi Jazdzewski Daniel Rodriguez Sharon Wienke Terri Johnson Aimee LaDell Sharp
Brooklyn Family Restaurant Kounty Korners Anchor Club The Market Place Brooklyn Mini Mart
CIGARETTE LICENSE: Kounty Korners Anchor Club Brooklyn Mini Mart
COIN OPERATED MACHINE LICENSE: Brooklyn Mini Mart - 6 The Market Place -1 Kounty Korners - 8
Anchor Club -83.
New Operator licenses: Agron Bekteshi, Delcie Runyan
Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to approve payment of all bills for June totaling $44,500.24. Flag
pole expense was questioned. Pole is for the treatment plant and was budgeted. Trustee Bruner moved, second
Klahn, carried to approve the 2009 CMAR (Compliance Maintenance Annual Report) and Resolution #2010-
07 with a date change on page 2 of the CMAR from July 2010 to July 2009.
New Business: Request by Cub Scout Pack 352 to use Legion Park and shelter on July 10-11, 2010 for a tent
camp out was approved per motion by Trustee Bruner, second Klahn, carried.
2007 BAN (Bond Anticipation Note) balances and refinancing options were discussed. Spreadsheet on balances
from projects defined in the BAN and line items that were overspent were reviewed. BAN will need to be
refinanced by August 1, 2012. Cash balance in the fund is $214,956 with interest accumulated since 2007. Cost
analysis on expenses to date and balances from projects to be spent as designated in the BAN is $117,216. Interest
is $13,342. Cash in the amount of $84,398 was not transferred from the BAN account when expenses were paid.
Spending the balance on projects listed, other park projects, or refinancing early was discussed. Ball diamond
lights, built in the 1960’s, re-evaluating the wiring/lighting in Legion Park with funds left from the 2007 BAN was
discussed. Focus on Energy could give cost estimate to repair the lights. How much money should be spent on the
ball diamond based on the usage was questioned. What the needs are, what usage is, and what we need to do to
accommodate it needs to be determined. Trustee Bruner moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to postpone
discussion until Public Works Committee can discuss it further at their next meeting and bring back a
recommendation to the Board. Clerk Strause said if the Village had a five year Outdoor Recreation Plan, a grant
could be written through DNR to possibly pay for some major updates for recreation. An energy plan and safe
routes to school plan should also be discussed further.
Operator license renewal application by Diana L. Sims was discussed. Chief Barger explained past and recent
charges and neglect to properly fill out the application. Trustee Klahn moved, second Lust, carried to deny
renewal for Diana L. Sims.
Reports: Public Works-Anderson reported the WWTP is still not 100% completed as heating and air
conditioning mechanical testing for air flow did not pass. Contractor Rawson is almost complete with their work,
fence is fixed. Trustee Van Den Eng moved, second Klahn, carried to approve the 5-19-10 minutes from the joint
meeting of Public Works and Personnel Committees. Decal design for Village vehicles and equipment was
discussed. Brodhead Sign Co offered a sample design with Village logo and the words Public Works under the
logo. Cost will be about $65 per door for three vehicles and loader. Consensus was to just go with the logo about
a 12"x8" size with no other wording.
Planning and Zoning continue to work on revision of land use chapter of the Comprehensive Plan. Research on
language for towers and wind turbines is being done. Sign ordinance went back to the engineer for corrections.
Ordinance committee met May 12th. Trustee Lust was appointed chair. Committee approved Ordinance Chapter
32.16 which will be on the July agenda for approval. The new committee discussed recodification process.
Former chair, Trustee Belter, will attend the next meeting to update the current committee. Trustee Bruner moved,
second Van Den Eng, carried to approve the committee's recommendation to increase membership for the
Recreation Committee from 7 to 9 members, eight residents of Brooklyn/Oregon School District and one trustee.
Safety: Trustee Klahn was appointed chair. May committee minutes will be approved at the next meeting. Last
month's schedule was short a few shifts because of training. More shifts are added this month. Monthly activity
report was handed out. Two bicycle groups are coming through the Village this summer, one stopping at
Smithfield Park and the other at the school. Statewide smoke-free workplace law goes into effect July 5th.
Fire/EMS: No report. Personnel: Trustee Van Den Eng was appointed chair. Trustee Bruner moved, second
Klahn, carried to approve committee minutes of 3/24/10. First meeting was brainstorming. Committee is working
on Anderson's performance improvement plan completion with recommendation very soon. Chapter 7 of the
personnel manual needs to be updated and finished.
EDC will be meeting Thursday to work on the economic development portion of the updated comprehensive plan.
Recreation: Trustee Natzke reported on the summer recreation program which will be six weeks starting June
28th. There is a charge this year of $15 per child + $5 for each additional child. Trustee Natzke moved, second
Klahn, carried to approve hiring as follows: Beth Stetzer, Summer Youth Program Director at $13.50 per hr at 20
hrs a week ($270) x 7 weeks = $1890 - salaried position; Kayla Lein, Summer Youth Program Assistant at $9 per
hr at 16 hrs a week ($144) x 6 weeks = $864. Position is hourly with no approved additional time unless preauthorized
by recreation committee member Stacy Wolfe. Summer music series began last week with 30-40 adults
and many children attending. Get fit Brooklyn is offering walkabouts and bike rides everyWednesday meeting at
6:30 pm at the Water Tower Park.
Ad-Hoc Committee reports: Bluegrass-Walsten stated there are no numbers to report yet but the weather was
wonderful with attendance up significantly from last year. July 4th- Walsten reported she met with the Recreation
Committee to discuss the group taking over the July 4th celebration; however, the committee feels this would be
more than they can take on as they have other program priorities. Other than fireworks this year, it appears there
will be no other activity. Trustee Bruner moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to dissolve the Ad Hoc July 4th
Committee. Recycling meeting was postponed but will be meeting soon. Website: Trustee Van Den Eng was
appointed Chair. It is requested that each committee list "website updates" on their agendas and report any updates
and minutes timely to the Clerk's Office for input to the website.
Finance: Trustee Belter presented the 2011 budget calendar. Committees were reminded to review budgeted
benchmarking goals. Wastewater equipment replacement fund update was explained by Clerk Strause. Dept of
Administration's Environmental Loan Section gave approval to recalculate the reserve fund based on the new
wastewater treatment plant taking into account any depreciation for equipment that was not replaced, i.e., lift
stations, etc. New annual depreciation schedule would be $38,561 that would need to be deposited to the fund
starting in 2011. 2009 total accumulation and 2010 deposit of $38,561 would give a balance of $114,349. Balance
in cash account is currently $127,232. The reserve fund based on this schedule would be fully funded and up to
date thru 12/31/2010. The fund has not been up to date for many years because of lack of funds set aside for the
depreciation. Current rates should allow the annual deposit which is a requirement of the Village's bond issue.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Bruner, carried to approve the current depreciation schedule. As discussed
during the 2009 audit report earlier this meeting and as documented in the report, collateral coverage for Village
funds as of 12/31/09 was short by $389,864. An email dated 12/23/09 from Steve Eager, Senior Vice President of
Union Bank & Trust Co., stated a total of $500,000 pledged in addition to $650,000 insurance from FDIC and St.
of Wisconsin for a total of $1,150,000 at year end. However, the collateral register only shows $200,000 of
additional collateral coverage. Clerk's conversation with Mr. Eager confirmed the $200,000 and erroneous
shortfall. Trustee Belter discussed moving operating accounts to another bank or splitting deposits between two
banks as every month we deal with collateral coverage and releases. Having Eager attend a Board meeting or
finance meeting was discussed. President Walsten stated all Trustees should be involved in the discussion as this
is serious. The Board also needs to be mindful about the long term relationship with the Bank of Brooklyn while
at the same time we need to protect taxpayer funds. Trustee Natzke felt Eager should meet with the Finance
Committee stating we have committees that we should trust to come back with the best recommendation, and we
as a Board either accept the committee's recommendation or ask for more information. Trustee Klahn felt it would
establish a higher level of seriousness to have Eager appear before the Board. President Walsten will contact
Eager and invite him to the July Board meeting.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to adjourn at 9:35 pm.
Carol A. Strause

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