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Selected Village Minutes
Mar 08, 2010
PDF Version: 2010-Mar-08-VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN.pdf

MARCH 8, 2010
Village President, NadineWalsten, called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm on March 8, 2010, with Trustees Klahn,
McCord, Bruner, Belter, Irwin-Vitella present. Trustee Layton was not present. Others present were Clerk Strause, Chief
Barger, PWDirector Anderson, David Natzke, Traci Schaefer, and Susan Gallmeier.
No public comments-were offered. PresidentWalsten stated she had left a phone message for Jason Thomas (letter
submitted to Board last month), but he has not returned her phone call.
Trustee Klahnmoved, second Belter, carried to approve the minutes of Jan 11, 2010. Trustee Bruner abstained. Trustee
Bruner moved, second Belter, carried to approve the minutes of Feb 8, 2010. Trustee Klahn and McCord abstained.
President Walsten gave an update on the Regional Transit Authority that may have a referendum to add a ½
cent sales tax for transportation infrastructure. It is possible that a bus service will be created to pick up
commuters in surrounding areas around Madison. Commuter rail to Madison may also be reactivated In the
distant future. State's smoking ban will be effective July 5, 2010 for all public places. State law preempts any
local ordinances related to smoking. Fines are $100 a day starting with the second offense. Local police will
be in charge of enforcement. Wis DOT is gathering information for a corridor study on Hwy 14 to Janesville
starting at the St. Hwy 92 intersection. Report to be available early summer. New Official'sWorkshop in
Madison will be on May 14th. This workshop, sponsored by the League of Municipalities, is very worthwhile
for all Trustees. Chief Barger and Officer Engelhart will be sworn in next month. Walsten stated she will be
starting listening sessions very soon so that the public can comment and discuss their concerns.
Clerk Strause reported on the fourth quarter 5% franchise fee received from Charter Communications in the
amount of $1740.12 for Dane County and $1126.41 for Green County. This revenue has remained stable in
the past year. Administration and claims services for the WI Office of the Commissioner of Insurance will be
provided by two separate companies starting April 1, 2010. Administrative services will be provided by ASU
Group (who currently handles the entire program), and claims service will be provided by Crawford &
Company. The current bill for property and equipment coverage is $4757 less a one time credit authorized by
the Legislature in the amount of $2368 leaving a balance of $2389 which is included in this month's bills.
Posters from the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission are now available in the Clerk's Office.
President Walsten gave an update on DaneCom (Dane County interoperable radio communication system).
Resolution 233 as amended supports the cost sharing and capacity principles for the system. Walsten drafted
a letter to County Executive Kathleen Falk supporting the proposed system. Trustee Bruner stated we will pay
one way or another for this necessary system. Trustee Belter stated he felt the system would be better if the
county paid 100% of the cost. Eventually the entire communication system needs to be tied together. With a
part time police department, usage/cost would be minimum if charges are based on call time. Walsten
moved, second Irwin-Vitella, carried to approve Dane County's Resolution #233 as amended with a letter to
County Executive Kathleen Falk stating the Village's reservations before fully committing.
Trustee Irwin-Vitella will put a draft policy together for a legislative and political issues communications
policy. The draft will be emailed to Clerk Strause who will send it out Board members to review before the
April 12th meeting. Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to postpone the Village's job description for
a Village historian.
Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to approve the consent agenda: 1) payment of invoices for
March in the amount of $54,200.28; 2) temporary operator licenses for March 20-21, 2010 for Roland Arndt,
Larry Arndt, Perry Jorgensen for Brooklyn Sno Hornets annual dance; 3) Resolution 2010-02 Tax Collection
Responsibility of Treasurer (Permanent); 4) Resolution #2010-03 to Support the Dane County Complete Count
Census Committee.
President Walsten stated she called legal counsel at the League of Municipalities regarding the sale of the
WWTP Somat unit and automatic samplers in December that was approved in Public Works Committee but
not brought to the Board for approval. Claire Silverman, League attorney, recommended information on the
sale be brought before the Board and the Board needs to approve or disapprove the sale. Without Board
approval it is not a legal sale. PWDirector Anderson and Trustee Bruner reported the Somat unit (used to
remove liquid from solids) was a part of the old treatment plant equipment that was removed during
construction as the new plant did not need this equipment. It was purchased used from Reedsburg 8-10 years
ago for $18,000. It was advertised for sale on Wisconsin Rural Water website asking $10,000 or best offer.
Abbyland Foods, Inc., Abbotsburg offered $5,000 which the PW committee approved on 12-22-09. Trustee
Klahn stated the sale should have come to board first but at the time was considered a part of the destroyed
WWTP. PW Chair, Trustee Bruner, stated he takes full responsibility as chair of the committee as he was not
aware of the Ordinance stating it should have come to the Board. Walsten pointed out that all property
belongs to the Village and can only be sold/disposed of by the Board. Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn to
sell the Somat unit and two automatic samplers. President Walsten moved to amend the motion to include
the name of the company, Abbyland Foods, Inc, and the samplers to other municipalities, second Irwin-Vitella,
carried. Original motion also carried.
Creating financial guidelines for committees; creating a policy for disposal and selling of Village property was
discussed. Walsten stated she would like this referred to the finance committee to sort out what kind of
guidelines are needed for all committees. Trustee Bruner stated if an item is in the budget and within the
bidding guidelines, the committee can approve the purchase. Trustee Belter will create draft guidelines for
managing budgets within a committee and will reference Chapter 33 for the sale of equipment. The draft will
go to April's finance meeting.
Clarification of open meeting law andWI Stats. regarding attendance by elected officials at open meetings
and closed sessionswas discussed. Open meeting law requires notice on a committee agenda regarding a
possible quorum of the Village Board and that no action will be taken as a Board. WI Stats 19.89 specifically
states no member of a governmental body may be excluded from anymeeting of the Board or any meeting of
a subunit of the Board. It is a violation of state law if a Board member is not allowed to attend a committee
meeting. If the Board member notifies the chair of the committee that they will be in attendance at the
committee meeting, the Chair is required by open meeting law to put a statement on the agenda. If the chair
does not include the proper language on the agenda, the chair is in violation of State law. If the Board
member comes to a committee meeting and does not notify the Chair and there is quorum of the Board
present, the Board member is in violation. A Trustee can attend any meeting in open or closed session. Open
meeting law legal opinion can be found in the League of Municipality May-June 2009 magazine.
COMMITTEE REPORTS: PublicWorks: WWTP construction still is not ready to close out as there are problems
with lawn hydrants at the treatment plant freezing up and furnace work to be redone. CD Smith has asked for
retainage to be reduced to 3%but PW Director Anderson stated he is against this because of history of work
not being completed once retainage is reduced. Warranty will not start on hydrants until they are working
properly. Fix a leak Week isMarch 15-21. Information from the PSC on howto save water will be in the next
newsletter. Dana Leikness from the Oregon girl's softball organization contacted Anderson regarding work
that the organization wants to do at the small diamond dug outs by building a fence to protect the players
sitting on the bench and lawn roll the diamond. They have raised funds to pay for this, and there would be no
cost to the Village.
Trustee Bruner reported on the EAB public informational meeting for questions and comments to be held on
March 29 from 6-6:30 pm at the Community Building. The PWcommittee meeting will follow. This will be
advertised in the newsletter and on the LED sign. Anderson and Bruner will be attending an EAB workshop.
Planning and Zoning: Public participation plan for revision of comprehensive plan as recommended by
Planning and Zoning was presented. President Walsten moved, second Belter, carried to approve this plan by
Resolution #2010-03.
Ordinance committee did not meet.
Safety: Per the committee's recommendation, Trustee Klahn moved, second Irwin-Vitella to pay $75 for a
child’s swing set that was destroyed last year from a party that rented the Community Building. Chief Barger
handed out his activity report. Barger is working on a policy for "use of force". Barger talked about National
credentialing and the need for some type of identification for all employees including elected officials.
Records management systemwill be discussed next week at the monthly Chief's meeting. A possible change
from New World to a new system will hopefully not cost anything with funds coming from a County grant.
Coasterswere handed out fromthe department's participation in the “click it, ticket it” program. Vacation
request forms will be available in the Clerk’s office for those residents going on vacation and wanting a
security watch. Holiday overtime pay for officers will be on the personnel committee agenda next week.
Using the Village logo for police uniform patches was encouraged. Purchasing Village logo decals for Village
vehicles, and Village stationery was also encouraged.
Fire / EMS-Quarterly meeting will be next month. Personnel committee will meet onMarch 17th. The Ad hoc
personnel committeewill not be meeting until reorganization as Trustee Layton resigned as of today. EDC will
meet Thurs night 3/11. Recreation committee will meet Wed night, 3/10. Movie night has ended for the
season until next October. Bluegrass will be meeting 3/10. July 4th: Trustee Bruner moved, second McCord,
carried to accept Trustee Belter's resignation as chair. Belter abstained. Recycling-no meeting. Website met
last week and will meet again tomorrow. Trustee Belter moved, second Bruner, carried to approve Steve
Wagner as a new committee member. Trustee McCord moved, second Klahn, carried to accept the
resignation of Janeen Podgorski as chair of the committee. At the last meeting, members reviewed items on
the website that need to be updated/deleted, etc. Each Trustee is asked to look at the website and let the
Clerk know of changes, additions, deletions. The Village's website needs to be kept up to date with the listing
of committee’smembers, mission statement and goals, minutes, agendas.
Finance: Village deposits are over collateralized right nowwith tax collection finalized. Trustee McCord
moved, second Bruner, carried to close the Clerk's Office Aug 18-20 to allow Strause and Brewer to attend the
annual WMCA Conference in Green Bay. Trustee Bruner moved, second Belter, carried to approve Deputy
Clerk Brewer attending the UW Green Bay Clerk's Institute July 12-16th. Trustee Irwin-Vitella moved, second
Klahn, carried to approve the letter written by President Walsten to theOregon Youth Center Director
requesting quarterly activity reports for clear justification and understanding of the programs. Also requested
is a funding request by September during budget time as continued support of the Center cannot be assumed.
Bidding procedures as approved last month was presented in table format. Trustee Irwin-Vitella moved,
second Klahn, carried to amend the policy to add under "Informal Quotation" 5) Sealed quotes shall be
opened by two department heads or one department head and at least one Trustee.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Bruner, carried to adjourn 8:35 pm
Carol A. Strause, MMC

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