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Selected Village Minutes
May 10, 2010
PDF Version: 2010-May-10-VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN.pdf

May 10, 2010
The Village Board meeting was called to order by President Walsten on May 10, 2010 at 6:31 pm. Trustees present were
Mark Bruner, Tim Belter, David Natzke, Steve Lust, Dean Van Den Eng. Trustee Klahn arrived at 7:13 pm. Others present
were Clerk Strause, PWDirector Anderson, Chief Barger, Helen McCord, Traci Schaefer, Susan Gallmeier, Judy Birnbaum.
No public comments were offered.
Approval of April 12th minutes was tabled until the arrival of Trustee Klahn. Upon his arrival, Trustee Natzke moved,
second Belter, carried to approve the April 12th minutes with Trustees Bruner, Lust, Van Den Eng abstaining. Trustee
Bruner moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to approve the minutes of April 20th, 2010.
President Walsten reminded Trustees of the May 14th public officials workshop in Madison. Walsten stated that because
Trustees are non-partisan, this is an advantage in solving Village problems with economic development being a critical
issue. Refinancing through the DNR's CleanWater Fund distribution and refinancing by August 2012 the 2009 BAN for
WWTP construction requires all of us to work together to move forward in terms of expanding our economic base.
Brooklyn has a 93% residential tax base while other municipalities our size have a 65% residential tax base. How do we
meet this particular goal in a way that is the best for our budget and our taxpayer? We need to remain focused on our
goals we have set and challenges that are in front of us. We need to spend our energy on dealing with solutions to our
problems. We need to work together regionally, supporting one another. Our options are good in creating a business
park with our proximity to Madison and Hwy 14.
Clerk Strause reported on the 2010 distribution of shared revenue and the net loss to those municipalities in Dane
County. The state per capita is $136.00 while Brooklyn’s per capita of shared revenue received is $125.00 or a net loss
of $13,695. This is based on the money collected by the State and returned to respective municipalities. SB 640,
proposed election law changes, has failed to pass the senate this session. It is expected to be presented in the next
Legislative session where it will be amended in some form.
Unfinished Business: Bruner moved, second Lust, carried to postpone approval of the Village Historian job description.
Special assessments discussion continued for N. Rutland. Trustee Bruner, chair of the PWcommittee, stated the
committee's recommendation is to split the curb and gutter cost 50/50 with the property owner. PWDirector Anderson
stated a review of special assessments on past projects indicated 100% of the cost was paid by the property owner.
Curb and gutter on N. Rutland is not fully being replaced with only spot repair work determined. Dane County will be
paving N. Rutland sometime in July. Bruner stated the Ordinance needs to be more clearly defined regarding charge
back of cost at 100%. The Hotel St. storm water project will not have any C&G special assessment because it is fairly
new and not in need of replacement except for the storm water project. It is not cracked, deteriorated, or settled.
Trustee Klahn arrived. Jurisdictional transfer of N. Rutland from Dane County to the Village will be done once the road is
repaved. Bruner stated we should defer to precedent of charge back at 100% and put on the next ordinance meeting to
create policy for special assessments. Klahn stated if the property owner pays 100% this time and the curb and gutter is
again replaced before depreciated, the property owner should not have to pay 100% again. Anderson will get a list of
property owners and footage to the Clerk. Because of the depressed economy, contractor bids for the project are very
reasonable at this time. Trustee Bruner moved, second Natzke, carried to go 10 years on special assessments for 100%
of removal and replacement of curb and gutter on N. Rutland. The preliminary hearing will be held at a special Board
meeting on May 26th at 6:30 pm. Clerk Strause will prepare for the hearing and notices to property owners. Other
property owners requesting curb and gutter replacement have contacted Anderson. They will be allowed to have this
done under this same contract as the bid was per linear foot.
Consent Agenda: President Walsten requested item #7 be removed from the consent agenda. Trustee Klahn moved,
second Bruner, carried to approve 1 through 6 of the consent agenda as follows: payment to C. D. Smith for $55,365.00,
payment of all invoices totaling $49,049.96; approval of a Class “B” fermented malt beverage and Class CWine license
for Brooklyn Family Restaurant, LLC, agent Agron Bekteshi, thru June 30, 2010; approval of Bluegrass Festival June 11,
12,13 for sound amplification, extending park hours, and open burning; approval of sound amplification permit for the
Recreation Committee’s summer music series in Legion Park June 10 thru August 26, 2010; approval of a fireworks
permit for July 4th.. Walsten asked PWDirector Anderson how many days he has used for attending National Rural Water
meetings. Ten days were approved by the Board for 2010. Anderson stated 2 or 3 days have been used so far. Item #7
requesting June 10-11, Sept 24, and Sept 27-29th for Anderson to attend National Rural Water meetingswas approved
upon motion byWalsten, second Bruner, carried.
New Business: Trustee Bruner moved, second Belter, carried to postpone approval of Chapter 33, Disposal of Village
Property, until next month as Board members did not have their copies.
Bid award for Hotel/Kerch Street storm water construction was discussed. Because the special assessment process has
not been started, a bid cannot be awarded until after residents have been notified, hearings held, and resolutions for
special assessments approved. Trustee Klahn moved, second Lust, carried to postpone a bid award. Financing for this
project was discussed at the finance committee meeting and also will be postponed until the hearing process is
completed. Village has sixty days from bid opening to award a contract. Bid opening was April 29th.
Sewer deduct meters – For many years, residents were given summer sewer credits even though there was no Village
ordinance approving this procedure. The summer sewer credits cost the Village an estimated $16,000+ annually in
revenue not collected. The Board voted last fall during budget session that summer sewer credits would be
discontinued, however, the Board realized that residents would still be filling swimming pools, water lawns, landscaping,
etc. and the implementation of using sewer deduct meters was discussed. At the most recent PWCommittee meeting,
Trustee Bruner stated meters for outside watering would need to be purchased costing $200 each. Bruner asked who
would pay for them? Meterswould have a 5-10 year life span and a monthly or annual fee could be charged to the user
suggesting the rental fee could be $40. In the past, those filling pools would call with their meter reading before and
after they filled the pool in order for a sewer credit to be given. Will residents see a justified savings paying for meter
rental for watering grass or flowers? Trustee Van Den Eng asked if old meters, after being tested, could be used as
sewer deduct meters as new meters costing $200 is not cost effective. Anderson asked who is going to pay for
specialized fittings for the lawn meters and the labor to put them together? He anticipated it would cost about $7 to
modify an old meter plus staff time, however, adding two pieces of hose is the primary modification. Walsten pointed
out that if sewer deduct meters were not implemented, the Board would be asking the residents to pay the recently
raised sewer rates on all water used, even if the water does not go down the sewer. Weekly or monthly charges and
deposit fees were discussed. Having ten meters on a first come, first serve basis, utilizing used meters, as a courtesy to
residents for sewer credits will be further discussed at the special May 26th Board meeting upon a motion by Trustee Van
Den Eng, second Belter, carried to postpone.
Trustee Bruner moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to reschedule the hearing on the Sign Ordinance for May 24th ,
6:30 pm, by the Planning and Zoning Commission. April PZ meeting was cancelled.
President Walsten presented a general engineering contract from Strand. A feasibility study to be done by Strand for a
possible east side business park was approved at the last meeting for $3,000. The general contract does not bind the
Village to Strand as the Villagemay still get quotes from other engineering firms if desired. This simply says when we
have an agreement in place, general provisions as stated in the contract prevail. Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn,
carried to approve the general contract for technical services from Strand.
Trustee Natzke moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to appoint Marge Van Calligan as an alternate member of Board of
Review. Board of Review will be meeting Thurs. night starting at 5 pm.
Committee reports: PublicWorks- Trustee Bruner was appointed chair. Anderson reported theWWTP construction is
99% complete with a little painting left and the odor solved caused by a venting problem. Jerry Lesko, speeder car
owner, appeared before the committee to discuss a railroad track concern when running speeder cars for Depot Days.
Lesko requested an extension of an area north of the sidewalk to be filled in for easier loading and unloading. The
Chamber , who oversees Depot Days, has stated they are not paying for this extension and not interested in doing
anything. The material to extend the rail would be available, but there would be a need for a sidewalk cut or driveway
approach just to accommodate a one weekend event. Committee felt the Chamber should pay for all cost as this is not a
Village event. Any damage done to Village property would be paid by Depot Days. Initially, Depot Dayswas promoted
by Green County Tourism, was county wide and supported by local municipalities. That situation is not longer true,
consequently, there is a need to clarify the relationship between Depot Days and the Village. If this isn’t a Village event,
who is responsible, where does liability lie, etc. The issue regarding putting in additional track for the Speeder Cars, etc.
will be brought back to the Public Works committee for further discussion. (The Finance Committee will define the
Village/Depot Days relationship.) Committee discussed hiring a seasonal employeewith the recommendation that
Director Anderson screen the applicants and select the top three. Those three would be interviewed by a joint meeting
of Public Works and Personnel Committee members with a recommendation to give authority to the joint committee
members to hire. A rough draft of the job description was presented for 30 hours a week, Monday thru Friday from 8
a.m. to 2:30 pm. Trustee Bruner moved, second Lust, carried to have both committees meet to interview and empower
the joint committee to have the hiring decision for the part time seasonal PW employee. The joint committee meeting
will be on Wed May 19th at 6:30 pm for interviews and hiring.
Planning and Zoning will meet on May 24th. The 4-26 meeting was cancelled.
Ordinancewill meet onWed 5/12 at 6:30 pm. Recodification process will continue including review of Chapter 20.02 for
approval of food vendors at special events.
Safety –Chief Barger presented the monthly activity report which shows a spike in activity during April. Trustee Klahn
was appoint ed chair of the committee. Chapter 32.16 was presented allowing the Village to participate in the nonmoving
traffic violation and registration program with DOT. Further review will be done by the ordinance committee.
The program to eliminate junk vehicles in the Village is on hold until Walsten and Chief Barger can meet. The Emergency
management meeting scheduled forWed will be rescheduled because of conflicts with other meetings. Walsten stated
there is a need to alternate meeting times between night and afternoon to accommodate schedules. Safety will be
meeting the first Thursday of each month at the same time. Judge Glasier has prepared a fine schedule which was
presented. Chief Barger requested the urgent need for the schedule to be approved. Trustee Klahn moved, second
Natzke to approve the schedule. Klahn moved, second Lust, carried to amend the motion to exclude Chapter 21 and 35
from the schedule of fines as these chapters have been deleted during the ordinance revision process. Original motion
carried as amended. Officer Schreven will be the OIC for the next two weeks while Chief Barger is attending a fire
academy and on vacation.
Fire/EMS-No report. Personnel will be meet on 5/19. EDCmet and will have the east side business park land proposal
examined by Strand regarding infrastructure and concept design. Next meeting is Thurs night. Recreation had a
successful Dime a Dip as reported by Helen McCord almost running out of food and earning $481. Trustee Natzke has
offered to join the recreation committee as a Trustee is needed. His appointment will be on the May 26th agenda.
Bluegrass meets tomorrow night . July 4th activities were discussed by the recreation committee.
Recycling did not meet. The electronics round up is May 22 in the Village parking lot. A fee will be collected by the
vendor based on what is being disposed. Website will be meeting onWed at 4:30 pm.
Finance appointed Trustee Belter as chair. Belter urged the committees to work on updating the five year capital plan.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Belter, carried to at 9:05 pm.
Carol A. Strause,

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