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Selected Village Minutes
Nov 08, 2010
PDF Version: 2010-Nov-08-VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN.pdf

VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN November 8, 2010
The Village Board meeting was called to order on November 8, 2010, at 6:33 pm by PresidentWalsten. Trustees
present were Todd Klahn, Steve Lust, Mark Bruner, David Natzke, Dean Van Den Eng. Trustee Belter was absent.
Others present were Clerk Strause, PWDirector Anderson, Police Chief Barger, Dorothy Frandy, and Diane Newlin.
A PUBLIC HEARING at 6:30 p.m. was conducted for the 2011 Budgets for the General Fund, Special Revenue Fund,
Cemetery Fund, Debt Service Fund, Capital Project Fund, Water Utility, Sewer Utility, and TID Fund. There
were no comments from the audience and the hearing was closed at 6:31 p.m. with motion by Trustee
Bruner, second Klahn, carried.
There were no public comments offered. PresidentWalsten stated she had one resident at her listening session that
covered a wide range of topics stating he enjoys living in Brooklyn.
Trustee Van Den Eng moved, second Klahn, carried to approve the Oct 11 minutes changing a word used two
times in the Bluegrass paragraph from "venue" to "genre". Trustee Natzkemoved, second Lust, carried to
approve the Oct 18th minutes changing two words in the Recreation Committee report regarding
membership to "seven members" (removing the word "six") with the committee in need of "two members"
(removing the word "three"). Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to approve the minutes from Oct 19,
Oregon Youth Center's new director, Diane Newlin, presented attendance statistics and activity events and
gave an overall synopsis of the center which is open all summer and open when there is no school. The
center is free for all kids to attend and participate. Partial funding comes from United Way of Dane County.
If some participating municipalities drop funding to the center, programs would need to be cut. The Village's
cost annually has been $3800 and would continue in 2011.
A letter of resignation from Trustee Belter was regretfully accepted with motion by Trustee Klahn, second
Natzke, carried. A Certificate of Appreciation for his years of service was read andwill be presented to him
at a later time. President Walsten recommended the appointment of Dorothy Frandy to complete Belter's
term until April 2011. Frandy, a realtor, is an eight year resident with an interest in Village business and
direction of the Village. She is a volunteer with previous experience as a town treasurer. Frandy has also
expressed interest in running for a trustee position in April. Trustee Natzke moved, second Bruner, carried to
appoint Frandy to fill the unexpired term of Trustee Belter. Walsten gave the Oath of Office to Frandy and
welcomed her to the Board.
Because Trustee Bruner requested to leave early, the Public Works Committee report was moved up on the
agenda. Trustee Bruner reported there was an error on the tuckpointing bid ($11,695) from last month as
there was a typo on the second page of the bid document which indicated the bid did not include caulking.
With caulking in the bid, Crowley's cost is now$14,420 which is still $4,000 lower than the next bid. Bruner
moved to accept Crowley's corrected bid at $14,420, second Klahn, carried. PWCommittee approved a
Community Building key policy which would allow the Finance, Public Works, and Safety chairpersons to
have a key or any other trustee as approved by the Board. There would be no security deposit required but
the Trustee would need to sign a security form. The Board Member (BM) key would allow access to common
areas of the building. President Walsten stated she would like some items added to the policy to deal with
consequences for not returning the key and that the Trustee would be liable for any court costs if they fail to
pay the fees charged with rekeying the building if a key is lost or not returned. It was also felt the same
policy should add the Village President, even though that key is different than the one issued to Trustees.
The Board sent the Key Policy back to Public Works further revisions reflecting the above considerations.
Three prices were received for Mt. Hope Cemetery lawn mowing for 2011. The lowest bid is Cutting Edge at
$245 per mowing. Cutting Edge is the current contractor at the cemetery. Trustee Bruner moved, second
Klahn, carried to retain Cutting Edge for 2011. Construction on N. Rutland (MM) is complete. Walsten will
need to send a letter to Dane Cnty Hwy accepting the transfer of jurisdiction which was agreed to after the
construction was complete. Anderson stated he has an agreement with Dane county on plowing this area.
Dane County will plow to Douglas Drive. Trustee Bruner left at 7:25 p.m.
Walsten reported on Dane County's Resolution 88 for Emergency Radio Interoperability System, (VHF with
800 megahertz bridging) has met the needed 70% participation target from Dane Cnty municipalities,
excluding the City of Madison. A letter dated Nov 4th from DCCVA lists the municipalities approving or
opposing the resolution. The Hwy 14/92 drainage issue has reached the point where the Town of Rutland
Board will meet on Dec 7th and a joint meeting with the Village will possibly be held the following week. The
joint board meeting is necessary to discuss an agreement for paying maintenance on a stormwater system
DOT will install in the area. On October 19, the Hwy 14/92 flooding remediation group met and discussed
the plan for a drain pipe to remove stormwater from the Village, township and property owners in the area.
A second Village President listening session will be held Wed night. The Douglas Drive/North Kerch to Easy
St neighborhood has been invited. In two weeks, another neighborhood session will be held. Walsten
reported that the visioning process results for Oregon's outreach and planning committee is posted on their
website and encouraged Trustees to take a look at it. Walsten also stated she has been appointed to League
of Municipalities Board of Directors. That Board meets three times a year and this will allow her to attend
the League Conferences at no cost.
Clerk Strause reported on the Nov 2 election with 501 voters, 67% turnout along with 74 registrations the
day of election. There are 744 eligible voters in the Village. The nomination process for Village offices opens
on Dec 1st and closes on Jan 4, 2011 at 5 p.m. Papers can be picked up in the Clerk's Office on Dec 1st. Noncandidacy
papers for those not seeking re-election need to be filed by Dec 27th at 5pm. Offices that are up
for the April 2011 election are Village President, three Trustee positions at large, and a Municipal Judge.
NEW BUSINESS-Chris and Steve Eager, Union Bank and Trust, contacted President Walsten regarding the
Village possibly leasing a portion of the Bank building for the Clerk's Office. They will be remodeling the
building and would provide us space for offices, a conference room, vault, and fire proof area for storage at a
cost ranging from $500-$1000 a month including utilities. Other office space may be looked at. The present
Clerk's office could become the Police Department or Municipal Judge office. Board members will do a tour
soon and felt negotiations should proceed further. Remodeling the lower level of the Community Building
for the Police Department close to the squad car garage was discussed.
Purchasing conference room chairs and tables was discussed. Trustee Van Den Eng was unable to bring a
sample chair to the meeting but stated he would be able to get a good discount from American TV for
counsel chairs. President Walsten reported Deputy Clerk Brewer and Walsten last week viewed the used
furniture storage area at American Family Insurance. They did not have any tables but did have 7-8 chairs
that possibly could be donated to the Village if a letter of request is submitted to them. Consensus was to
delay discussion until a possible UBT lease is worked out.
Consideration of combining Brooklyn's Municipal Court with a neighboring municipality was discussed. The
Village's current Judge is most likely not seeking re-election. Electing a new judge, usually a lay person with
no legal background, would require extensive training as well as the need to hire a new court clerk. A new
law effective 1/1/11 requires the Judge's office to be disconnected from law enforcement and have policy
and procedures where court business is conducted separate from the police dept. Because of the impact of
this law, increased complexity and training needed for municipal judgeships, and the lack of legal
professionals available for this office, this may be the time to subcontract with another court system in
another municipality and combine court systems. President Walsten contacted Judge Beth Cox, of the
Village of Oregon and Town of OregonMunicipal Court, who was amenable to having another municipality
joining the system. The Oregon Village administrator didn't think it was a problem, however, the Court
doesn’t have experience with two counties. Belleville works with Green and Dane. The Belleville Village
Administrator is open to a combined system, however, no contact with the Village President was made.
Walsten and Strause will get legal opinions from Dept of Justice and League of Municipalities on the timing of
abandoning a court systemor subcontracting with another muncipality. The costs of the options need to be
UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Discussion continued on the use of the remaining 2007 BAN funds in the amount of
$215,123. The BAN needs to be refinanced in 2012. Costs for tuckpointing the Community Building and
painting the lower level have been approved to be taken from this balance. Other possibilities could be the
cost for leasing the Bank for office space, attorney costs for a lease agreement and equipment that may be
needed in the move, attorney costs associated with contracting with another municipality for a joint court
system, costs for changes to the court system, comprehensive plan revision which is being updated,
economic development issues, i.e., amending the TID or writing a new one, attorney or consultant fees
associated with the TID, fixing the front of the Community Building, a new entrance sign for front of the Bank
if leased, new sign in front of the Community building, new sign for the south side of Village on St Hwy 104
similar to ones on the east and west side of the Village.
Other possible items to be paid by the BAN are repair to the baseball diamond costing about $1500; repair
lighting at diamond with no cost received but estimated at $1500-$2000; replacing a rusted electrical box for
$200; resurfacing basketball court $2,000; replacing the two furnaces in the lower level of the Community
Building as recommended by Focus on Energy; replacing the sidewalk around the Community Building priced
at $5126 from the North doors to the corner, $6773 for west side sidewalk, ramp $3741, and new railing at
$2275. The existing ramp is weathered but in fairly good condition, edges are chipped. Trustee Klahn stated
that maybe a 6” fascia with rebar could be done rather than completely replaced, paint the rails, and add
new corner post, paint the front doors, and add new lighting in the front of the building. What projects will
be done and how much balance to pay on the loan reducing the amount of interest payment in 2011 before
the refinancing in 2012 will be discussed further at the Dec meeting. Restitution funds could be used for the
Bank lease agreement.
2011 Budget discussion continued. Finance committee reviewed several accounts possibly to be lowered.
Trustee Van Den Eng stated he did not feel the Village should use the allowable levy in addition to the
increased debt service which results in a 6.34% levy increase over last year. $22,016 would need to be cut to
stay within a 3% levy increase, based on the growth factor. Budget reductions are as follows:
patrol truck -$17,534.80 squad car -$4,000 (to be purchased in 2012)
Village Hall utilities - $-500 Village Hall supplies -$250 Police gas -$500
tree removal replacement -$500 street sweeping -$1250 Cemetery flag pole -$300
fireworks - $2500 summer rec wages -$750 rec fringe -$60.00
park wages -$1,000 Addition to budget: Attorney fees +$5,000.
Trustee Van Deng moved, second Klahn, carried to approve all budgets as presented with above reductions
and additions and Resolution #2010-16 adopting the 2010 Tax Levy Payable 2011 at $638,147.20 before
exempt computer aid calculations. This levy would be 2.46% increase over last year.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to postpone Village historian volunteer position
Trustee Natzke requested item #3 be removed from the consent agenda. Van Den Eng moved, second Klahn,
carried to approve the consent agenda which includes payment of October bills totaling $51,464.89 and
closing the Clerk's office on Friday, Nov 26th. Resolution 2010-14 Employee Wage and Fringe Benefits for
2011 freezing wages and freezing the Village's portion of the 2010 monthly base rate of $1216.30 for health
insurance with the employee to pay the difference through payroll deduction in 2011 was approved per
motion by Van Den Eng, second Klahn, carried. Trustee Natzke voted NAY.
Planning and Zoning-Approved by the Commission, Chapter 48-18(5)(b) Telecommunication
Regulations Ordinance was presented and approved per motion by Van Den Eng, second
Klahn, carried. Ordinance and ad hoc committees did not meet.
Safety-Chief Barger stated there would be a news release on winter parking in the
newsletter; statistics report was reviewed; router and switch box was replaced having
computer problems - now working with IT staff to get operational; next committee meeting
will discuss $658 balance in budget to be used to fund part time staff to set up NewWorld
data input. Barger explained department Policies #202 and 206. Trustee Klahn moved,
second Van Den Eng to adopt policy directives #202 Off-Duty Conduct/Powers of Arrest and
policy # 206 Traffic Stop Data Collection as presented by the Police Department.
Personnel- Met with employees Barger and Strause for their annual employee reviews.
Anderson did not have an annual review at this time as the committee is meeting monthly
with him working on performance expectations. EDC will be hosting an open house Tues
night Nov 9th for local businesses with seventy-one invitations sent out. An economic
development strategic plan must be done in 2011. Recreation Committee still has concerns
on what money is theirs to pay for park trees and holiday lights. The ice rink will be set up on
Saturday. The 2011 music series will be held on Sunday afternoons in Smithfield Park. Fortysix
surveys were filled out by residents last week giving the committee much information on
programs needed and wanted. Emergency Preparedness Committee met this morning to
continue to work on the Village's plan. The final draft is targeted to be complete by the
January Board meeting. Finance Committee reviewed bills and discussed budget items.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to adjourn at 10:05 p.m.
Carol A. Strause, MMC

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