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Selected Village Minutes
Oct 11, 2010
PDF Version: 2010-Oct-11-VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN.pdf

October 11, 2010
The Village Board meeting was called to order on October 11, 2010, at 6:33 pm by PresidentWalsten. Trustees present
were Steve Lust,Mark Bruner, David Natzke, Tim Belter, Dean Van Den Eng. Trustee Klahn arrived at 6:37 p.m. Others
present were Clerk Strause, Chief Barger, Roland Arndt, Sue McCallum, and Heather Kirkpatrick.
There were no public comments offered. Trustee Bruner moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to approve the Sept 13,
2010 minutes.
President Walsten announced Green County Development Corporation will be having their monthly meeting at the
Community Building on Oct 21st at 7:30 a.m. The Village is not a member of the organization but GCDC continues to
meet in various locations throughout the county.Walsten stated she will begin listening sessions in October and will be
contacting various neighborhoods to gather for these sessions. An anonymous letter addressed to the Board made
reference to the cost of the LED sign.
Clerk Strause announced the Village’s RTA referendum approved by the Board last month to conduct at the Nov
election on separate paper ballot for the rail transit sales tax increase in Dane County was denied by the GAB
(Government Accountability Board) because the handicap accessible machine would not be programmed for this
ballot. The Board approved a separate paper ballot for the non-binding referendum to save on programming costs
through the county. It is expected the RTA will have a referendum at some point on this issue.
Unfinished business: Clerk Strause reported there still has been no return phone call from DOT on the continued
billing of the Hwy 92 reconstruction project in the amount of $3132.61. DOT has been billing annually on this project
since 2002.
2011 Bluegrass Festival was discussed at length.Walsten gave a synopsis on expenditures in 2010, explaining one time
expenses of a banner and website updates. The plan was for higher attendance with a Sunday morning program;
however, that did not happen and Sunday morning would be discontinued in 2011. The Bluegrass Committee has met
and is not asking for any funds from the Board. The committee is looking at ways to raise revenues and realize a need
for corporate sponsorship for this event will be needed. The relationship between the Board and the festival will also
need to be looked at. The committee will be putting together a budget for Fri night and Sat only. Benefit concerts,
holding a polka fest, auction, and other revenue generating activities have been discussed by the committee, along with
maybe having a band competition, charging an entry fee with winners playing at the 2011 festival. Walsten stated she
would be seeking additional grants. Wisconsin Public Radio recordings of the festival bands should be used to create a
sampler cd to sell was discussed. Free tickets to residents, taking control of beer sales, maybe a raffle with prizes
donated by local businesses/instrument makers are all possibilities. Also a genre other than Bluegrass, i.e., folk, acoustic
music, etc., may bring in more attendance. There are other organizations that have been in touch with the committee
that may be interested in the festival which would move it out of Brooklyn. Thrive and theWis Arts Board have
commented that it would be unfortunate for the Village to no longer sponsor this event.Walsten asked for Village
sponsorship rather than money but that decision will be made after the committee determines if it can raise enough
funds for the event.
Trustee Bruner asked why the profit from 2009 was applied to 2010 rather than applied to the loss in 2008.Walsten
stated it was too early to project revenues with ideas discussed. Because of the poor weather in 2008 and 2009, the
attendance has been deflated coupled with the economic downturn and associated lower attendance at numerous
festivals that charge for concerts. Bruner stated the festival was proposed to be self sufficient in three years but has lost
$17,000 over the past six years.Walsten stated the Board approved each annual contribution and outside of the Festival,
the Village has not put any money into promoting the Village. The festival support communicates the Board
supports and promotes the community. Bruner asked what tangible results have we seen from this festival in the last 5
years? Walsten stated she has seen the results when attending outside meetings with elected officials, economic
development professionals and others that Brooklyn is now known by something positive other than discord. Bruner
commented that he does not disagree with the festival to promote the community but the Bluegrass genre is too
focused.Walsten reiterated she is not asking for money but support from the Board for the festival. The Bluegrass
Committee will continue to meet to work on fundraising and sponsorship.
Resolution #2010-0015 endorsing the Dane County Alternative Emergency Radio proposal has not changed since last
month. Operation and maintenance is expected at $825,000 a year with the Village’s cost estimated at $3125 annually
beginning in 2012 allowing law enforcement, fire, EMS, and PublicWorks to communicate together. The new plan,
DaneCom Light, would begin 12/31/2012 when the switch to narrow band communication is mandated per the federal
funding guidelines. Radios will cost $800 each. Chief Barger said he would try to get grant money for the department
radios. PublicWorks received one radio in 2010 through a grant. Trustee Van Den Eng moved, second Bruner, carried
to approve resolution 2010-15. Trustee Belter voted Nay.
2007 BAN: Three proposals were received for interior painting of the lower level of the community building with two
coats of eggshell finish, patching, and caulking. Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to accept the PublicWorks
committee recommendation to hire Arthur Hallinan for $950 with the exact color yet to be chosen. Work will begin
soon. Sealed bids were received for tuck pointing and sill replacement of the Community Building with a wide range of
proposals. Bruner stated he read the proposals very carefully. The work would be done this year starting immediately. Life
expectancy is about thirty years and will keep the water out to alleviate structural damage. Bruner moved, second Klahn,
carried to award the proposal to Crowley Masonry for an adjusted price of $11,695 to include five sills. Sill price based
on per unit cost of the short sill at $520 and long sill $985 each.
Trustee Van Den Eng moved, second Klahn, carried to approve the consent agenda paying October bills in the amount of
$63,377.94 which includes the final payment of $7459.30 to R&K Construction for the Hotel/Kerch St storm water
project and curb & gutter installation on N. Rutland.
New Business: Clerk Strause presented a two year audit contract from Johnson Block & Co for 2010 and 2011,costing
$16,250 and $16,490 respectively. The 2010 rate is $45 over the 2009 price. Trustee Klahn moved, second Natzke,
carried to approve as presented.
The Village’s representative on the Fire and EMS District Board, Roland Arndt, introduced himself. He is in his 18th
budget season with the department. District Board meeting will beWednesday, Oct 13th, to finalize their budgets.
EMS run volume is about 10-12 runs short from this time last year. EMS budget is based on $18 per capita. The
Village’s portion of the last year’s budget was reduced by $54 due to population count. The Fire Dept budget
increased $1080 in 2010. Arndt stated he wants to keep the budget under 2.5 to 3% increase based on equalized
evaluation. The Village represents 31% of the equalized value of the fire district. Arndt will provide a call sheet with the
budget report. Walsten stated their budget should be kept at the 2010 level if possible.
Reports: PublicWorks: Trustee Bruner reported the N. Kerch and Hotel St. storm water project is completed with
seeding growing. The final payment to R&K Construction included with the bills includes curb & gutter work on N.
Rutland. Three bids were received for paving the water leak area in front of the Community Building. Bruner moved,
second Van Den Eng, carried to award the contract to the lowest bidder,Wolf Paving, for $12,890. The area will be cut out
and squared off before paving. Three bids were received for removal of a hollow maple tree hanging over the merry go
round at Legion park and pruning of a tree by the pavilion hanging on the neighbor’s house, along with removal of a
few stumps to be ground. There is also a Linden tree that is very weak in the playground area. Brunermoved, second
Lust, carried to approve hiringMessner Landscaping Service at a cost of $2187.50 for tree removal and
stump grinding. The tree budget will be over budget by about $1,000 to be balanced with other public works accounts
that will be under budget.
Water meter upgrade to replace the current remote readers that are being installed was discussed. The upgraded
remote meters cost about the same price. An antennae will be needed in the future on the water tower (approximate
cost $100,000) in order for these meters to be read from the tower which could produce hourly reports for early
detection of leaks. There is a one time charge of $10,000 to upgrade the current hand held reader which would read
both old and new meters. The Village in the past few years has been updating the meter system to Sensus but not all
meters have been converted yet. Bruner stated within the next five years all readers would be compatible with this
system. The updated meters read more accurately down to one-tenth of a gallon opposed to one-quarter of a gallon.
The updated meters have a twenty year warranty. The previous Sensus meters have one year warranty. Ninety-six
meters were paid for in September with forty-eight being returned leaving a $5,000 credit with HD Supply. Bruner
stated the credit will be discussed at the Nov meeting as it may be used on the new handheld. Fall clean up days
utilized four dumpsters including a thirty yard for metal. Some electronics were brought in and turned away. A water
leak break between the main and shut off valve at 107 Cedar St resulted in the need to replace part of a driveway for the
repair work. Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to award the driveway repair work to Conco Construction for $1500.
One other bid was from Rutland Construction for $1600. The expense will be paid from the water utility budget.
Planning & Zoning Commission will conduct a public hearing on Oct 25th for the final draft on Chapter 48-18(5)(b)
Telecommunication Regulations per motion by Bruner, second Natzke, carried. Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to
have Rob Roth from General Engineering review Chapter 48 for a cost not to exceed $300.
Ordinance-Trustee Lust reported the committee continues to review ordinances for the recodification process.
Safety- Chief Barger stated Trick or Treat hours will be from 4-7:30 on 10-31 for Halloween. This will be posted on the
website and newsletter. Participants should leave a porch light on during this event. Barger continues to work with the
emergency preparedness committee to update the plan. Tracs system has new capabilities giving new data to Dept of
Justice. Green county officers are forwarding Village cases back to the department for follow up while Dane County
handles Village cases when a Village officer is not available. Officer Engelhart is taking NIMS 300-400 classes this month.
Barger will be starting the employee evaluation process soon for his department Deputy Brewer and Chief Barger met
with an IT person last week to discuss transition of the Village's website and email to Charter. The domain needs to be
changed and may need further IT assistance. Barger stated he has been working on the budget and has made some
changes that will be presented later in the meeting.
Personnel committee will be meeting Oct 21 for annual personnel reviews to be conducted.
Economic Development committee will have an open house on Nov 9t h inviting local businesses, Anna Schramke fromthe
Green County Development Corporation, Diane Pasley fromWis Business Development, Olivia Perry, Dane County
Economic Development, and local bankers that do commercial loans. Letters will go out to local businesses inviting
them to this informative session.
Recreation-Trustee Natzke stated there are not enough people on the recreation committee to do fundraising and
asked if the committee is responsible to raise all their money for activity other than summer recreation expense. This
will be further discussed during budget work. The ice rink will be installed on Nov 6t h at 11 .a.m. Any volunteers are
welcome to help with this project. The committee will be planting two trees by the gazebo. These trees will not grow
taller than 12' and can be decorated for the holidays. PublicWorks will be contacted on this planting. Committee may
conduct a survey on what the community wants. If done on election day, they need to be in a separate room, away
from the election process.
Emergency Preparedness Committee continues to meet. Elected officials will need to take NIMS 100-200 and 700. A
January training session is possible. Leif Spilde, Assistant PWdirector and Assistant fire chief, is currently not a voting
member of the committee. Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to appoint Spilde as a member pro tem to this
committee. Also Spilde has been updating the plan and doing a lot of work gathering data for the plan regarding
potential suppliers, equipment that could be used, municipal data, contact person information, etc. The committee
recommends approval of Spilde as EmergencyManagement Director so that the Village has a staff person who would be
responsible for keeping all this information updated.Walsten moved, second Klahn, carried to approve this
appointment of Spilde.
Recycling has not had a meeting. Website committee continues to work on updates.
Finance committee again reviewed Personnel's recommendation as talked last month to freeze wages and fringe at the
2010 rate. The recommendation would be to offer two additional half days off for 12/24 and 12/31 with the exception
of the Clerk's office that would need to be open on the 12/31 for tax collection. This offer would not increase the
budget. The 12/31/09 fund balance was questioned and a pie chart on wages/budget expenses was requested as a
visual aid. Trustee Van Den Eng presented a spreadsheet on wage/health ins paid by village from 2008-2010 and the
proposed 2011. The spreadsheet does not include overtime or pension payments. Examples were given of what State,
University faculty and staff members, Dane County, Madison School District, private enterprises Harley-Davidson and
Wolfe Appliance proposals of freezes and furloughs over the past few years. Optional furlough days off rather than
directly paying a part of the health insurance by the employees was presented as discussed by the employees. Trustee
Klahn stated that the furlough days have not worked for Dane County as overtime could play a part in funding. Trustee
Bruner stated he is OK with the wage freeze offer but has a problem with employees taking a net loss because of having
to pay a part of their insurance and would rather find other cuts in the budget to make up for this insurance increase.
PresidentWalsten stated there would be budget cuts in the 2011 budgets compromised by delinquent water/sewer bills
and unpaid delinquent taxes with several other municipalities cutting law enforcement and EMS services.
Current debt service payment, balances, interest spreadsheet was presented. Trustee Van Dan Eng presented a six
year spreadsheet on debt showing what would be paid off in the next two years and the eventual refinancing of the
2007 BAN.
Draft budgets were presented for the General Fund,Water and Sewer Utilities, departmental proposals, Debt Service
Fund, Special Revenue Fund, Mt. Hope Cemetery Fund, Capital Projects Fund, TIF Fund. Review began with
departmental proposals. Clerk Strause presented a levy limit worksheet draft indicating the budget increase could be
$17,470 calculated by the 3% growth rate established by DOR. Debt is excluded from this ratio with the increased debt
service in 2011 at $22,016. The Board set Oct 18th and Oct 19th at 7 pm for continued budget work nights. The budget
hearing date is set for Nov 8th.
Bruner moved, second Belter, carried to adjourn at 10:10 pm.
Carol A. Strause, MMC

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