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Selected Village Minutes
Oct 18, 2010
PDF Version: 2010-Oct-18-VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN.pdf

The Village Board meeting was called to order on October 18, 2010, at 7 pm by President
Walsten. Trustees present were Todd Klahn, Steve Lust, Mark Bruner, David Natzke, and Dean
Van Den Eng. Others present were Clerk Strause, PublicWorks Director Anderson, and Police
Chief Barger, and Roland Arndt. Trustee Belter was absent.
2011 BUDGET discussion for all funds continued. Fire-EMS Representative, Roland Arndt,
reported on the budgets with EMS increasing $535 from last year. The per capita rate is $18 x
the Village's population estimate of 1274 equals a levy of $22,932. The Fire Department 2010
levy is down $2993.72 from 2009 and will be $75,073.44. The Village is 30.17% of the equalized
value of the Fire District.
Clerk Strause presented pie charts for proposed 2011 budget categories and wages/fringes.
What the Village's 2011 budgets should look like, the equipment issues for public works, and
the need to start reserve funds was discussed. Trustee Bruner reported Public Works' goals
that were established will be accomplished by year end with some costs lower and some higher.
Larger projects planned this year are under budget. The 2011 goals the committee would like
to see is no major road const, need some maintenance for roads to try and hold infrastructure
together, a need for either maintenance money for the old patrol truck or a capital expenditure
for replacement. Bruner continued he would like to see PWDirector Anderson continue to
develop more administrative skills and spend more time on administration rather than as an
operator. There would be no way to cut personnel unless cut to 32 hours a week and then
there would be a need to hire someone else part time to get the work done. The department's
work goes beyond the treatment plant with work done in the cemetery, parks, and streets.
Summertime requires 35-40 hours a week by part time help to take care of all the mowing. The
cemetery mowing is contracted out as it would take two mowers for a total of 12-16 hours a
week to complete the task to mow and trim.
Police Chief Barger stated his department goals are to continue to work on departmental
policies. Several have been adopted but many are not completed yet. The organization and
structure of the department has moved a long way. Trustee Klahn stated he would like to see
more coverage with a full time officer and a chief.
Trustee Natzke reported on the goals carried out by the Recreation Committee with the
summer recreation program, free movie nights, get fit program, summer music series, and dime
a dip. The committee will be looking at getting involved with the July 4th celebration for a
possible fundraiser. Trustee Van Den Eng stated the biggest challenge right now is getting more
committee members as there are only seven currently. Two more members need to be
recruited to take some of the load off those members doing the work. The committee would
like more direction from the Board. Are their expenses to be funded by the taxpayers or does
the committee need to have fundraisers to support their activities? There is not enough
revenue from current fundraising to support quality of life programs. The "Get Fit" program
cost was supported by participation fees, but free movie nights and the music programs are not
funded with the expenses in the Special Revenue Fund. Clerk Strause was directed to move
these expense accounts to the General Fund. The Recreation fundraiser account in the Special
Revenue Fund would then be used only for special projects designated by the committee.
Account changes made during review are as follows:
200-54910-312 Cemetery Flag Pole -$300 $ 300
100-55300-110 Summer RecreationWages -$1690 $ 5,500
100-53311-310 PW-shop/office supplies -$1000 $ 5,000
100-53311-326 Loader maintenance -$3000 $ 5,000
100-53420-220 Street Lights +$2023 $14,500
100-53620-330 PW-dumpster -$500 $ 2,500
Trustee Klahn moved, second Bruner, carried to adjourn at 10:30 p.m. The Board will continue
with budget review, tomorrow night, Tues, October 19th at 7 p.m.
Carol A. Strause, MMC

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