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Selected Village Minutes
Oct 19, 2010
PDF Version: 2010-Oct-19-SPECIAL BUDGET SESSION.pdf

The Village Board meeting was called to order on October 19, 2010, at 7:00 pm by President Walsten. Trustees
present were Todd Klahn, Steve Lust, Mark Bruner, David Natzke, and Dean Van Den Eng. Others present were
Clerk Strause, Public Works Director Anderson, and Police Chief Barger. Trustee Belter was absent.
2011 Budget work continued. A need for a stormwater agreement on the Hwy 92/14 drainage plan as presented
by DOT may cost $10,000 for an attorney to draft the agreement defining who would pay the continuing
maintenance cost. A meeting was held today with DOT to discuss possibilities including establishing a stormwater
utility sharing maintenance expense for the drainage pipe from the Village to Hwy 92 and beyond. The agreement
would be with the Town of Rutland, property owners, and the Village. DOT would pay for infrastructure of the
drainage system. Expenses for the Community Building to be used as an Emergency Operation Center were
discussed with the need for phone jacks, emergency packs of supplies, storage bins, an extra ordinance book, etc.
Improving the appearance of the Community building with new front cement steps, (partial new sidewalk currently
being bid), new ramp, railing, a new high efficiency furnace for the lower level, and squad car purchase in 2011 or
2012 were all discussed.
Employee wage and fringe benefit for 2011 was again discussed. Trustee Natzke moved, second Bruner to freeze
2011 salaries and pay the increase in health insurance base premium with voting as follows: AYE: Bruner, Natzke,
NAY: Klahn, Lust, Walsten, Van Den Eng. Motion denied.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Walsten, carried to approve the wage freeze and health insurance payment freeze
based on the 2010 lowest family premium of the Employee Trust Fund's Local Government Employee Health Plan
with any amount over this base cost per month to be paid by the employee through payroll deduction. Trustees
Brunner and Natzke voted Nay.
Budget Changes are as follows:
Total A/c
100-51300-200 Attorney fees +$10,000 $17,000
100-53411-310 stormwater exp + 1,000 $ 1,000
100-53311-822 truck outlay + 17,534 $17,534
100-55300-150 summer rec fringe - 129 $ 421
100-55300-340 summer music - 100 $ 1,400
100-55300-360 recreation exp - 250 $ 750
100-55300-370 recreation advertising - 250 $ 750
100-51210-110 Judicial salary - 320 $ 2,560
100-51212-110 Court Clerk Wage + 500 $ 1,752
100-56312 Planner - 200 $ 4,800
100-56710-313 Business Promotion - 200 $ 1,800
100-52150-318 Police squad outlay + 4,000 $ 8,000
The full levy is calculated at $662,292 and includes a 3% growth factor of $17,470 in addition to $22,016 of new
debt for 2011. The levy increase would be 6.3%. Lowering the levy was discussed. Unused levy would be lost in
the calculation for future years when calculating levy limits. Consensus was to use the full levy and present the
budget for hearing on 11-8-10 with a levy of $662,292.
Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to adjourn at 9:30 p.m.
Carol A. Strause, MMC

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