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Selected Village Minutes
Sep 13, 2010
PDF Version: 2010-Sep-13-VILLAGE OF BROOKLYN.pdf

The Village Board meeting was called to order on September 13, 2010, at 6:35 pm by PresidentWalsten. Trustees
present were Todd Klahn, Steve Lust, Mark Bruner, David Natzke, Tim Belter, Dean Van Den Eng. Others present were
Clerk Strause, PWDirector Anderson, Police Chief Barger, Josh Straka, Strand Engineering, Scott Meier, and Dean
There were no public comments offered. Walsten stated during her office hours Wed a resident appeared to continue
discussion on her daughter's interest to change a Village ordinance allowing chickens. The resident felt the Board is
insensitive to many local interests from a financial standpoint including sewer rate structuring.
Trustee Klahn moved, second Bruner, carried to approve the Aug 9, 2010 minutes with a typo change in the fourth
paragraph to read "Dane County Cities and Villages".
President Walsten gave an update on the “DaneCom Lite” system for the interoperable emergency radio project. The
800 MHz will not be changed but a VHF system costing about $19,000,000 has been approved by the county board
committees. Operational expenses, not to exceed $825,000 annually, will be shared by the municipalities. More
information will follow. The current plan is to rebid the project. The Oregon Rotary Club in conjunction with the Town
of Oregon, Village of Oregon, and Village of Brooklyn are sponsoring an electronics round up On Oct 9th from 8 am to
noon at the Holy Mother of Consolation in Oregon. Anderson stated the Village will not be able to take any electronics
or freon containing appliances during fall dumpster days.
Clerk Strause reminded those present of the Fall Partisan Primary tomorrow, 9-14, with polls open from 7 a.m. to 8
p.m. Strause explained the loss of equalized value in TID#1 in Green County. There is no increment on the Dane
County portion as most of the district is in Green County. The equalized value dropped $242,700 from $4,439,000 to
$4,681,700. The equalized value increase since inception is $38,400 for 2010 calculations.
At the August Board meeting, $800 was approved to be added to the Strand Engineering contract for extra inspection
for the Hotel St storm water project. The week following the Board meeting, an amendment to the engineering
contract was received asking for an additional $2,000, from $23,000 to $25,000. Engineer Straka stated after the
August Board meeting, he was directed to send an amendment through, adding extra hours for inspection (while
Director Anderson was not available) which calculated to $2,000 over the contract. About $1500 has already been
spent. The balance of the project will probably go over the $500 balance. The project is almost complete. Trustee
Klahn stated that Anderson presented at the PWmeeting an additional 16 hours of inspection services. The
committee approved 8 additional hours and thought $800 would cover the cost. Klahn stated there has been a lack of
communication but not wasted money. The committee guessed at the number of hours it would take while Anderson
was gone. Bruner stated there is extra money in the budget for engineering. Van Den Eng stated the Board did not
have a clear idea of the hours needed for inspection and asked who is responsible and how will this be prevented next
time? The amendment asks for 20 extra hours of inspection at the rate of $100 per hr. Van Den Eng moved, second
Klahn, carried to approve the Strand Engineering amendment for $2,000 (total contract $25,000) second Klahn,
A joint meeting with the Town of Rutland Board to discuss maintenance costs of a drainage system forHwy 14-92will
be held by the end of September. Trustee Klahn will not participate in the meeting because of a conflict of interest.
DOT has proposed paying for a $250,000 drainage system if municipalities and property owners in the area agree to
pay for future maintenance cost. Maintenance would be for flushing drainage pipes and ditches and eventually
dredging. Engineer Straka felt the Village's water input was less than 5%. Any future growth in the area would be a
contributing factor. The plan will have to maintain a 100 year flood including any growth. Walsten will check on the
power point presentation previously shown by DOT's consultant.
A request for payment from C.D.Smith in the amount of $7,538 for work done outside of the wastewater treatment
plant contract for additional heat tracing and insulation at the biosolids load out was discussed. Anderson stated this
project and the fencing at the WWTP were both projects not in the original contract and were done for time and
material. The original WWTP contract was $30,000 under contract cost. This work was done in June and billed August
10th, received after the last Board meeting discussing the final payment to C.D.Smith and the amount of funds needed
to be transferred from Chase Bank to pay the final cost. Anderson stated the project was talked about at the Feb or
March PWmeeting but he forgot about it not being paid when the discussion at the August meeting was finalizing the
C.D.Smith pay out. Straka commented when refinancing the 2008WWTP BAN, the cost of the fence and insulation be
added to the loan for CWF #4. Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to pay C.D.Smith $7,538 with money to be
transferred from the sewer connection fee account at Chase Bank.
Pay request #1 for $141,726.60 to R&K construction for the Hotel St storm water project including change order #2
deducting $13,785.10 was presented. Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried approve change order #2 and
payment as stated. Straka will check to see if the curb and gutter costs for additional work on Bowman and Second
Streets included with alternate #2 was included in the contract price. Straka will also finalize quantities for curb and
gutter special assessments and forward to the Clerk.
Funding for the 2011 Brooklyn Bluegrass festival was discussed at length. Committee member, Scott Meier, was
present. Walsten stated Meier has been a business owner for 10 years in the Village, is a builder, realtor, developer
and very instrumental volunteer for the bluegrass committee this year doing all program manager work making sure all
logistics were completed. Other 2010 committee members are Lyle and Ann Wanless, Sharon George,Walsten, and
Bruce Stein, who was in charge of marketing. Consultant was Doug Hodge, and works for Dave Bacholl, D&D Sound.
Walsten gave an overview of the event. The festival was promoted for three days this year anticipating increased
attendance and camping revenues. The festival started six years ago at the Village Centennial. One purpose for the
event is to promote Brooklyn as a desirable community to live and do business. A part of economic development is to
improve Brooklyn’s reputation and increase name recognition regionally. Economic development is essential for
Brooklyn because Brooklyn's commercial tax base is very low at about 2.5% when it should be 30-40%. Developers and
potential businesses evaluate site locations by assessing how well the local government supports local businesses and
promotes business development. A board-supported event, that promotes the community, is an indicator of how well
the board works together as well as how well the board works with the community. Having local non-profit
organizations as vendors at the festival (who use this as a fundraising opportunity) sends a strong message the board
and community do work together. This is a regional festival with a reputation among the bluegrass community
throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. “Simply Folk”, a statewide folk music radio program on
Wisconsin Public Radio, is now promoting the Festival because the latest festival was recorded byWPR. The goal was
to be self sufficient by the fifth year but that has not happened. Walsten stated this is not just a revenue generating
opportunity for the Village but goes much farther than that. This is not just about money made or lost but an
investment in the economic development plan. The Bluegrass Committee has evaluated where expenses can be cut
such as cut out Sunday festival; charging vendors more and allowing more private vendors; gear up fundraising
activities throughout the year such as bluegrass benefit concerts; exploring additional grant sources such as Alliant
Energy; as well as $1400 were for one time expenses for banners and website upgrade. Trustees voiced their concern
over the losses with the Village supporting this event for six years. Meier said he was deeply involved in planning the
event since last fall and very upset over the low attendance, which was true for other festivals who charge for tickets.
This event showcases Brooklyn. The committee did not go wild on spending with tight control on their budgeted
projections and came in $4800 under budget. Weather and economy were factored in the projections but attendance
revenue was short of the projections. The committee kept a close look at expenditures throughout the planning
stages. Van Den Eng stated as the Board is talking about an employee wage and benefit freeze and clamping down on
unnecessary spending, it would be difficult to fund the Bluegrass festival. The last three years, the Village has
budgeted $2500 toward the event. Grants from theWisconsin Arts Board and Dane County Cultural Affairs have been
received. Trustee Natzke stated this should go back to the Bluegrass committee to come back with suggestions on
how to fund this. Van Den Eng stated he would be supportive of $2500 for a music festival for an event but not
anything above if there is a loss. Belter stated this festival should break even or be a revenue source. Walsten stated
she agrees there cannot be any more funding of the festival from the general fund. The expenses have to be
harnessed so that it meets the revenues. Trustee Bruner stated in the five years that we have records of, the total loss
is $17,300. He agreed we need a festival, but commented that bluegrass is not the way to go. The original intent was
to be self sufficient in three years. Bruner said he can see the committee reducing our loss but not being self sufficient.
Walsten said there is not a bluegrass festival in the area, but by the time you get to late June you are competing with
multiple events. Walsten asked the Board to be supportive of the festival even if you don’t put money into it. Bruner
reported there had been no Board oversight on this loss which was unknown until the event was over. Belter asked if
this is the right event for the community. Trustee Natzke moved, second Belter, carried to turn the issue back to the
committee with a suggestion to improve ideas. NAY: Bruner.
Balance of funds in the 2007 BAN was discussed. Proposals will be worked on for tuck pointing the Community
Building (the original estimate at $20,000 in the BAN), replacing and maintaining the Legion Park ball park lights
(August minutes), and fixing the ball diamonds. Van Den Eng moved, second Lust, carried to approve the RFP for tuck
pointing with typo corrections with the proposals to be discussed at the Oct 5th PW meeting and a recommendation to
come to the October 11th Board meeting in order to get this project done this year. Water meters have been ordered
from HD Supply. Meter information/costs on updates, new reading system with more data available detecting leaks as
soon as they happen will be discussed at the next committee meeting.
The 2002 Hwy 92 project continued billing from DOT was presented in the amount of $3132.61. There have been
multiple attempts by Anderson and Strause to contact the regional office to discuss this continued billing with no
response. Last year Clerk Strause questioned the billing and was told when the engineers go out to inspect, the billing
is shared by percentage of the liability. There was no indication when the project would be closed out. There is also
no way to budget for this unforeseen expense. The project was done eight years ago. Van Den Eng moved, second
Klahn, carried to get more information and send to the PW committee.
Consent Agenda: Trustee Klahn moved, second Bruner, carried to take out WIS DOT invoice, vendor #4068 from the
consent agenda. Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to approve items #2-5: temporary Class "B" license for
American Legion Post for Sept 29th, at the Community Center; temporary operator license for Robert Munson for Sept
29th; resignation of Carlene Alvord from the recreation committee; ordinance committee minutes from 10-8-2009;
resolution #2010-13 Green County Matching Road Fund $2,000.
New Business: Trustee Klahn moved, second Natzke, carried to extend the moratorium to Dec 1, 2010, for Ordinance
48-18-5 satellite earth stations and television or radio antenna towers. The current moratorium ends Sept 22. The
Village attorney reviewed the ordinance and questioned the use of a variance or conditional use in the permitting
process. The revised ordinance will be sent back to Planning and Zoning Commission with a hearing to follow.
Clerk Strause explained the addendum to the 2011 maintenance assessment contract with possible market update
that was signed last year. The Board needs to send a letter by Sept 30th to Jacobson Appraisal if they intend to do the
2011 market update. Last year the level of assessment was below 90%. The level of assessment is at 93-94% currently
between residential and commercial classifications. The market update would cost $6100. Clerk Strause
recommended the Village not do a market update at this time. Trustee Klahn moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to
not do a 2011 market update.
Resolution 2010-14 EmployeeWage/Fringe for 2011 was presented freezing wages and base health insurance
premium the Village pays at the 2010 rate. Van Den Eng stated both personnel and finance committees approved this
offer based on the current economic decline. With many people taking cuts every day, it was felt this was not
unreasonable. The lowest health insurance premium (Unity) will increase by $66.10 per month in 2011 through the
Local Government Employees Plan. Trustee Bruner stated he agrees with the pay freeze but disagrees with the
insurance benefit cut to the five employees as last year employees did pay for their insurance increase with a 4% raise
which was split between the increase in the base insurance cost and balance to wage. The increase annual cost to the
Village would be $3966. Trustee Natzke offered the Board forego their pay in order to have the employees keep their
2011 insurance benefits equal to 2010. Personnel will be discussing possibly offering additional paid holiday time off
as some compensation for this freeze. Public employees in municipalities this size have typically had insurance paid
because salaries have been low, but given the fact that wages were increased a few years ago to compare with other
communities, the base rate for health insurance has continued to be paid by the Village with the employee picking up
the difference if they desire a higher priced HMO. Trustee Bruner moved, second Natkze to approve the resolution
with correction to pay 100% of lowest insurance premium. Following more discussion, both Bruner and Natzke
withdrew their motion and second. Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to postpone final discussion until the Oct
11th meeting and have Clerk Strause use current wage freeze data in the 2011 budget, debating the insurance later.
A waiver to not require security for the American Legion Post on Sept 29th was discussed. The non-profit group is
having a small Texas Hold'em Poker fundraiser and hiring security required in the building rental policy would probably
cost more than the profit. The policy will be reviewed and discuss possibly exempting local non-profits from this
requirement. Trustee Bruner moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to approve the waiver. NAY: Trustee Belter.
Trustee Van Den Eng moved, second Klahn, carried to approve an operator license for Karmen E. Marshall.
A resolution for a possible November referendum on the levying of a half-cent sales tax to fund the Regional Transit
Authority approved commuter rail project was presented. The cost to have this referendum on the official ballot is
estimated to be $500-600. As the referendum was felt to be important, the expense would not be in the budget.
Trustee Klahn informed the Board that the Town of Vienna is having a separate paper ballot and the cost would then
be much lower with no programming cost involved. Trustee Klahn moved, second Van Den Eng, carried to use a
separate paper ballot in the November election for the non-binding referendum asking "YES" or "NO" as follows" Shall
commuter rail from the City of Middleton to the Town of Burke be funded by a half-cent (0.5%) increase in sales tax? A
separate ballot box would be used and the ballots hand counted by the poll workers after the polls close.
Creating a building key policy was discussed. All Village buildings were changed to a new system in 2009 costing
$3050. Walsten stated the greatest offenders were trustees who left the Board and did not return keys. If a key is not
returned, it will cost approximately $350-$500 to recalibrate the building. Therefore,Walsten felt that board members
should have a key only if they are attending a meeting where there is no one with a key routinely present. Some
committees do not have members that have a building key leaving one committee to conduct a meeting recently on
the outside steps. During a disaster, the chain of command, as specified at the August meeting, would require the
appropriate committee chair to be able to unlock the Community Center. Trustee Bruner stated he felt all committee
chairs should have a key along with the entire emergency management team. Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn,
carried to refer this back to Public Works to write a key policy identifying who should have keys based on the above
Reports: Public Works: Anderson reported the Hotel St. storm water project is done with the seeding completed
before the last rain. Dane County is done milling Cnty Hwy MMwith paving to be done onWednesday weather
permitting. As backup power is a requirement of DNR, Complete Service was hired to convert an LP generator back to
gas costing $1684.07. An Army issued generator could be placed on a cement slab behind the community building
permanently. It would cost less than $500 to take the old generator from WWTP, plus a gas fuel tank, cement pad, and
installing a single phase cord. Well #1 has a backup pump. The Onan generator could be put on a running gear. The
goal is to start lift stations and well #1 when needed. Bruner moved, second Lust, carried to approve $500 including
the cement slab with Public Works to form the pad and contractor to do the cement at the Community Center.
Electric bill from Buttchen Electric to repair broken wiring at Smithfield Park from the meter to pole to park
bathrooms was discussed. The estimate was $1,000 to fix but the invoice was $2200. Anderson stated he called
Buttchen with no return call yet. The entire line was replaced because it could not be spliced and fixed. No one from
Buttchen contacted anyone from the Village to discuss the cost increase and extra work needed. Anderson was
directed to contact Buttchen to further discuss this. Anderson reported it took 350 ton of milling from Hwy MM to
finish theWWTP driveway and around the plant. Wolfe Bros did this work for time and material estimated to cost
$1500-2000. A water lateral on Second St.was dug up by Kranig finding the connection with the main to be from the
top at about four feet below grade,where the probable location of the freezing was happening. The lateral (Norton
residence) was replaced to the curb stop where it was very shallow and is now insulated. This is a test case and may
not work to prevent winter freezing. These laterals were installed about 1949. About eleven other laterals need to be
repaired because of freezing. In the past approximately 25 years, these residents have been told to let their water
trickle during the cold months to prevent freezing with credits allowed on their utility bills. Fall clean up days will be
the Oct 1 from noon to 5 pm, Oct 2 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Oct 3 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. No electronics and no freon
containing appliances will be taken. Trustee Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to approve Anderson attending the
NRWA conference Sept 24-29th.
Planning and Zoning: no report. Ordinance committee met to review updates on recodification process. A special
assessment ordinance has been approved and forwarded to Planning and Zoning before going to the Board for final
approval. Safety: Chief Barger presented the activity report and 2011 budget. His strategic plan will go to the
committee at the next meeting. Officer Engelhart is taking a supervisory class through UW Platteville. New payroll
forms are in place. There have been updates on the records management system with other updates coming out. The
department was given a plaque from DOT for participating in the "click it/ticket" program. Sept is National
Preparedness month. Barger stated he would like to see Officer Engelhart's hours increase by eight hours a week for
2011 and an additional hour a week for the department secretary. Software enhancements will be a one time fee at
$200 next year. Fire-EMS: no report. Personnel: Trustee Van Den Eng moved, second Bruner, carried to approve
paying Bob Anderson $25 per month starting Sept 2010 toward his cell phone bill so he can be reached at any time
when not at his desk. Section 1.50(b) of the employee manual for "acceptance of gifts and favors" was recommended
to have no change in the wording but needs to be budgeted referencing the recreation committee giving gift cards to
the summer recreation director and assistant. The committee is in the process of employee performance reviews and
working on revising Chapter 7 of the employee manual. EDC met regarding the East side business park and will meet
again Thurs evening to further discuss. Recreation: Natzke reported the committee is looking for additional members,
working on the budget including the youth program for next year and salaries. Movie night will begin Oct 2 and an
exercise program will start in January. Emergency Preparedness committee continues to meet. NIMS training for
elected officials requires #100 & 700 for trustees. NIMS 300 starts Oct 20 at the fire station. PW received one radio
through a grant. Anderson stated they have been audited already for compliance that the radio is being used at PW.
Recycling: no report. Website-Van Den Eng reported new content is added daily. The Clerk's office and PWwill
coordinate messaging with the LED and home page so there is continuity in both media. Finance: Belter moved,
second Bruner, carried to take $5,000 and open an account at the Brooklyn Community Bank for tax dollars. This will
alleviate additional collateral requirements in particular at year end. Bank will pay 1% over LGIP if balance is over
$50,000 and under $50,000 will pay .75% with six transactions allowed each month and three checks issued. Clerk’s
budget was presented. A financial advisor met with the committee to discuss planning and refinancing with thoughts
possibly of sewer refinancing between funds and/or converting a water bond to general obligation debt.
Bruner moved, second Klahn, carried to adjourn at 10:30 pm.
Carol A. Strause, MMC

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