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DANE COUNTY:     Tax amounts are online.  T  axpayers can also get E-Bills and E-Receipts by going to clicking on the Public Access oval, and entering Property Information. In the right hand column under tax information, Click on E-Bill or E-Receipt. E-bill reproduces the tax bill and E-receipt shows the payments made for tax amounts. 

 GREEN COUNTY :   Tax information is online by going to  and clicking on the Land Records System tab on the right

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Welcome to the Village of Brooklyn

Located in both Dane and Green Counties Wisconsin, the Village is conveniently
located half way between Madison and Janesville off Highway 14.  Our
neighborly small-town (population 1413) has excellent amenities: a great school
system; three Village parks; and a community center, which makes Brooklyn a
great place to live!

Brooklyn’s Warning Siren Information

The siren that is sounded forcatastrophic events such as tornadoes or major chemical releases in the Village of Brooklyn is owned and maintained by Dane County. The Dane County 911 center activates the siren. Even though Dane County owns the siren it covers the entire village, including Green County residents.  The sirens purpose is notify people who are outdoors that they should seek shelter immediately and turn on your weather radio,TV, or radio for more information.

Storm Based Warnings

National Weather Service Storm-Based Warnings

The National Weather Service implemented Storm-Based Warnings in October of 2007. Prior to 2007, the National Weather Service issued and disseminated tornado, severe thunderstorm, and flood hazard warnings using geo-political (typically county) boundaries. Storm-based warnings are based on the threat area of the storm itself, which usually does not recognize county boundaries.

Storm-based warnings are a substantial improvement over the old, county-wide warning method. Storm-based warnings provide more specific information about the location of the severe storm and the direction it is tracking. It also reduces the likelihood of unnecessarily alarming those outside the threat area. Especially in geographically large counties like Dane County, by issuing warnings based on the specifics of the storm, the National Weather Service can substantially reduce the area being warned.

Storm-Based Siren Activation

With storm-based siren activation, the only sirens sounded are those with warning coverage in the Tornado Warning area determined by the National Weather Service. This reduces the likelihood of needlessly alerting people that are not at risk, and also provides certainty that you are in the warning area when you hear the sirens.

The warning system can only be effective if you actually receive the information. There are a great deal of warning devices and methods available to you. We recommend that you take advantage of as many of them as possible. No single warning method is perfect and no warning method can be guaranteed never to fail. 

We strongly recommend that you consider the following:

  • Do something to assure that you are able to receive warning information when issued.
  • Have a backup. (Nothing works perfectly, 100% of the time.)
  • Purchase and use a weather alert radio if you don't already have one.
  • Rely on the sirens only for outdoor warning.
  • Verify that the Wireless Emergency Alert feature is enabled on your smart phone.
  • Set up a weather warning app on your smart phone.
  • Turn to broadcast radio or television for details and follow-up information.
  • Register to receive alerts on your cell phone, text, and e-mail at:
  • Follow us on Twitter (@DaneCountyEM)and like us on Facebook (Dane County Emergency Management)

Please contact Emergency Management Director Leif Spilde with any questions 455-1842.



Learn what NOT to flush down the drain

The Dane County Library Service bookmobile visits Brooklyn (right in front of the gazebo on Commercial St) every Thursday night from 6:30-8:00.  It's a great free resource!

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