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Located in both Dane and Green Counties Wisconsin, the Village is conveniently located half way between Madison and Janesville off Highway 14. Our neighborly small-town (population 1413) has excellent amenities: a great school system; three Village parks; and a community center, which makes Brooklyn a great place to live!


Assistant Director of Public Works

Village of Brooklyn WI (pop 1400) is seeking a full-time assistant director responsible for administrative and daily functions of a small PW Department, 17 miles from Madison. The Village has its own sewer/water utilities, parks, cemetery and community building. Responsibilities include hands-on work, personnel management, policy/procedure development, budgeting, and long-range planning. Good communication skills and the ability to work amicably with a wide variety of people is a must. Successful candidate will have professional public works knowledge, sewer/water utility and supervisory experience. Must have or be able to obtain water and wastewater licenses and CDL. Go to www.brooklynwi.gov to download application and view complete job description. Applications must be received no later than May 4, 2018.  Wages of $21 to $24 per hour plus benefits dependent upon qualifications. Relocation to within ten miles of the Village is required.

Employment Application Form



Board of Review will meet on the 23rd Day of May, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at the Village Hall, 210 Commercial St., Brooklyn, WI, for the purpose of calling the Board of Review into session during the forty-five (45) day period beginning on the 4th Monday of April, pursuant to s. 70.47(1), Wis. Stats.

Due to the fact the assessment roll is not completed at this time, the Board of Review will be adjourned until the 18th Day of June, 2018, 6 p.m.

Pursuant to s. 70.45, Wis. Stats. the assessment roll for the Year 2018 assessment will be open
for examination on the 21rd day of May, 2018, at 7 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Additionally, the assessor shall be available on the 31st day of May, 2018 at the Village Hall, 210 Commercial Street, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.    Instructional material will be provided at the Open Book to persons who wish to object to valuations under s. 70.47 Wis. Stats.

Please be advised of the following requirements to appear before the Board of Review and procedural requirements if appearing before the board: 

  1. No person shall be allowed to appear before the board of review, to testify to the board by telephone or to contest the amount of any assessment of real or personal property if the person has refused a reasonable written request by certified mail of the assessor to enter onto property to conduct an exterior view of such property being assessed.
  2. After the first meeting of the board of review and before the board's final adjournment, no person who is scheduled to appear before the board of review may contact, or provide information to, a member of the board about the person's objection except at a session of the
  3. The board of review may not hear an objection to the amount or valuation of property unless, at least 48 hours before the board's first scheduled meeting, the objector provides to the board's clerk written or oral notice of an intent to file an objection, except that upon a showing of good cause and the submission of a written objection, the board shall waive that requirement during the first 2 hours of the board's first scheduled meeting, and the board may waive that requirement up to the end of the 5th day of the session or up to the end of the final day of the session if the session is less than 5 days with proof of extraordinary circumstances for failure to meet the 48-hour notice requirement and failure to appear before the board of review during the first 2 hours of the first scheduled
  4. Objections to the amount or valuation of property shall first be made in writing and filed with the clerk of the board of review within the first 2 hours of the board's first scheduled meeting, except that, upon evidence of extraordinary circumstances, the board may waive that requirement up to the end of the 5th day of the session or up to the end of the final day of the session if the session is less than 5 The board may require objections to the amount or valuation of property to be submitted on forms approved by the Department of Revenue, and the board shall require that any forms include stated valuations of the property in question. Persons who own land and improvements to that land may object to the aggregate valuation of that land and improvements to that land, but no person who owns land and improvements to that land may object only to the valuation of that land or only to the valuation of improvements to that land. No person may be allowed in any action or proceedings to question the amount or valuation of property unless the written objection has been filed and that person in good faith presented evidence to the board in support of the objections and made full disclosure before the board, under oath, of all of that person's property liable to assessment in the district and the value of that property. The requirement that objections be in writing may be waived by express action of the board.
  5. When appearing before the board of review, the objecting person shall specify in
    writing the person's estimate of the value of the land and of the improvements that are the subject of the person's objection and specify the information that the person used to arrive at that estimate.
    1. No person may appear before the board of review, testify to the board by telephone, or object to a valuation if that valuation was made by the assessor or the objector using the income method of valuation, unless no later than 7 days before the first meeting of the board of review the person supplies the assessor with all the information  about  income  and  expenses,  as  specified  in   the   assessor's   manual under 73.03 (2a), Wis. Stats., that the assessor requests. The Village of Brooklyn has an ordinance for the confidentiality of information about income and expenses that is provided to the assessor under this paragraph that provides exceptions for persons using information in the discharge of duties imposed by law or the duties of their officer or by order of a court. The information that is provided under this paragraph, unless a court determines that it is inaccurate, is not subject to the right of inspection and copying under s. 19.35 (1), Wis. stats.
    2. The board shall hear upon oath, by telephone, all ill or disabled persons who present to the board a letter from a physician, surgeon, or osteopath that confirms their illness or No other persons may testify by telephone unless the Board, in its discretion, has determined to grant a property owner’s or their representative’s request to testify under oath by telephone or written statement.
    3. No person may appear before the board of review, testify to the board by telephone, or contest the amount of any assessment unless, at least 48 hours before the first meeting of the board, or at least 48 hours before the objection is heard if the objection is allowed under 70.47 (3) (a), Wis. Stats., that person provides to the clerk of the board of review notice as to whether the person will ask for the removal of a member of the board of review and, if so, which member, and provides a reasonable estimate of the length of time the hearing will take.

    Notice is hereby given this 24th day of April, 2018.

    Linda Kuhlman

    Village of Brooklyn


    Posted April 24, 2018

    Published May 3, 2018



Back to the Basics - Curbside Recycling Pickup

Many municipalities around the country will acknowledge the 48th celebration of Earth Day on Sunday, April 22nd, by highlighting their recycling programs.  It’s a great time to talk about the importance of basic recycling standards and what is necessary to keep our local recycling systems strong.

Recycling Industry Update:  The recycling industry is grappling with a dual threat: The value of recovered recyclable products has plummeted over the past couple of years and the amount of contamination in the recycling has risen. Too much garbage is present in the recycling stream, clogging sorting facilities and contaminating good recyclables.

As recycling costs are rising, the demand for recycled materials is falling.  Recently China has imposed bans on purchasing recycled materials.  Meanwhile low oil prices have increased the use of virgin materials for products reducing the demand for recycled material.  For reference articles please see the end of letter. I’ve included a talk by the President of one of the mills that reuses our sorted paper.

As your local service provider and the recycling sorting facility operator, it is our job to help your community keep the trash out of the recycling stream and thus keep our local recycling systems strong.

How do we keep the trash out of the recycling stream?  Together, let’s tackle the problem head on and get back to the basics of recycling.

Local Action Requested:  Contamination rates at the recycling material recovery facility are increasing.  We are finding that well-intentioned residents are putting things that they think should or could be recycled in the bins:

  • Residents should only put approved recyclables in their recycling cart. For a current recycling list please visit http://www.pellitteri.com/articles.jsp?id=1145.

  • Recycling carts with any visible trash or non-recyclables in them will be tagged with a notice of non-pickup due to contamination and not serviced.

  • If your community owns its own carts please remind residents which color cart is designated for recycling.

We are asking that you please support our initiative to clean up the recycling stream and communicate with your residents the above two (or three) components of our ‘back to the basics’ recycling standards.  We will also be communicating via email to all residents that have signed up with us to receive notifications.


Danielle Pellitteri
V.P. of Sales



Articles for reference:

Speaking at the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) "Markets or Bust" workshop, Myles Cohen, president of Pratt Recycling, touched on several topics, including the volatility of commodities markets and the ineffectiveness of recycling rates.  The last two lines offer some succinct insights.  “Part of the purpose is to cut out well-intentioned, what we call wishful, recycling because what is recyclable is a different definition in different communities. We’re also trying to limit (is) the amount of bad recycling where people are using their recycling bin as an extra trash bin.”  Waste Dive April 4, 2018





Last year a UW professor and his students visited various communities in the state, including Brooklyn, to conduct a research study regarding their growing young adult populations.  Below is a link to the UW study and also a Capital Times article speaking about the study.  

Capital Times article - UW-Madison Study Suggests Asking Young People How to Attract Millennials

UW Study - Gaining and Maintaining Young People in Wisconsin Communities


WI EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT RELEASE: Wisconsin’s Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week April 9-13, 2018

CONTACT: Andrew Beckett | ngwi.pao@mail.mil | 608-242-3211

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker has declared April 9-13 as Wisconsin’s Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week. Wisconsin Emergency Management, the National Weather Service (NWS) and the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (WBA) have once again teamed up to sponsor the statewide tornado drills scheduled for Thursday, April 12.

Schools, businesses, families, and individuals have two opportunities to test their emergency plans during the April 12 statewide tornado drills. The drills are part of the annual spring severe weather campaign to encourage everyone in Wisconsin to be ready for possible tornadoes and severe weather.

According to the NWS, Wisconsin averages 23 tornadoes annually. Last year, there were 23 tornado touchdowns in the state. While most were either EF0 or EF1, the state did record an EF3 on May 16, 2017. The tornado followed an 83-mile path across Polk, Barron, Rusk, and Price counties, killing one person and causing widespread damage. The state also experienced an outbreak of 10 tornadoes on June 14, 2017, across Shawano, Winnebago, Outagamie, Brown, and Waushara counties.

A mock tornado watch will be issued April 12 at 1 p.m., followed by a statewide mock tornado warning at 1:45 p.m. Many radio and TV stations across the state will issue the test tornado warnings. In addition, mock alerts will be issued on NOAA Weather Radios and many communities will sound their tornado sirens to test their emergency severe weather plans. Later, a mock tornado warning will be issued at 6:45 p.m. to give families and second-shift workers a chance to practice their emergency plans.

The tornado drill will take place even if the sky is cloudy, dark or rainy. If actual severe storms are expected in the state on Thursday, April 12, the tornado drills will be postponed until Friday, April 13 with the same times. If severe storms are possible Friday, the drills will be cancelled.

Any changes will be issued to local media as well as posted on the ReadyWisconsin website at http://readywisconsin.wi.gov. Updates will also be posted on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ReadyWisconsin), Twitter (www.twitter.com/ReadyWisconsin), and Instagram (www.instagram.com/ReadyWisconsin).

Graphics and tornado maps located at http://readywisconsin.wi.gov/tornado/sever_weather_statistics.asp      



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Dane County Library Service Bookmobile

 The Dane County Bookmobile invites children of all ages to check us out on   

Thursdays, 6:30-8:00 in

Brooklyn, at the gazebo

  For more information, call the Bookmobile office at 266-9297.







Assessor - Accurate Appraisal, LLC  800-770-3927

Building Inspector - David Geraths, General Engineering Company 608-697-7776

Zoning Administrator - Rob Roth 608-697-5857 or Addie Tamboli 608-617-5571

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